27th annual International Quality of Life Awards to honor the heroes of COVID-19

Charlotte Tuggle | Communications Editor

IQLA logo on a blue background

The Auburn University College of Human Sciences will continue the longstanding tradition of recognizing those who make a significant impact on quality of life around the world, through the International Quality of Life Awards in December. In this time when the world looks so different, IQLA 2020 is taking on a new look as well, with the mission remaining the same. As always, the event will take place on the first Monday in December and this year it will be virtual, as we recognize the Heroes of COVID-19.

The International Quality of Life Awards, or IQLA, proudly honors people, partnerships and organizations that have made significant and lasting contributions to individual, family and community well-being locally and around the world. This year, we will recognize and honor those making a difference in the battle with the pandemic.

For the first time, honorees will be nominated by anyone who desires to pay tribute to a person or organization for their efforts during this challenging time. Honorees could include doctors, nurses, teachers, community leaders, grocery store shelf stockers, a loved one or anyone who has courageously continued their work during the pandemic for the betterment of society.

“This is a year that has tested each and every one of us,” said College of Human Sciences Dean Susan Hubbard. “The individuals and organizations being recognized this year as IQLA honorees have never stopped improving quality of life for those around them, in fact, many of them, with drive, determination and creativity, found a way to do this at an even higher level than ever before. In recognition of this momentous period in world history, we will honor more people than ever before, the heroes of COVID-19.”

All honorarium gifts to the 27th annual IQLA to recognize a hero or heroes of COVID-19 will support the creation of the Spirit of IQLA Scholarship, which will be awarded to a student or students in the College of Human Sciences who exhibit a passion in their course of study to impact individual, family and community wellbeing.

Join the College of Human Sciences Monday, Dec. 7 for a virtual celebration honoring the heroes of COVID-19. Next spring, the IQLA legacy will continue further with a lecture series featuring a past IQLA honoree.

For more information on how to honor a hero of COVID-19 and on joining the Dec. 7 virtual event, visit here.