They say hindsight is 20/20.
Looking back on the Roaring 20’s, it was a decade full of joy, color, and dream-like creations. A century later, we are reimagining this time period by highlighting modern elements that are repeating themselves into the current age of fashion. Join us as we channel the past, and illustrate the future of fashion with imagination and 20/20 vision.

The future of fashion is now words in white.

The Fashion Event is Auburn University’s student led fashion showcase featuring creations by the next generation of fashion designers and merchandisers. The annual Fashion Event, cosponsored by the College of Human Sciences Department of Consumer and Design Sciences and the Auburn Apparel Merchandising and Design Association, is one of the top college-level productions in the nation.

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The future of fashion is now words in white.

In 2019, the theme was Avant Garden – an ambitious idea that pushed the boundaries of design through the use of material and shape to challenge traditionally feminine ideas of florals by incorporating industrial elements. This year we look back on the Roaring 20’s with the theme 2020 Vision.

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