Our mission is to create a better future through the science of quality life. The College of Human Sciences is a diverse, engaging learning environment where we produce tomorrow’s leaders through education of the highest quality and a commitment to helping students make positive impacts on the world around us. We teach the art and science of design, food, hospitality and relationships in a classroom that spans the globe. We discover sustainable solutions to everyday problems, ignite creativity across disciplines and support our students by building the confidence and skills they need to change the world. After studying abroad and taking advantage of the experiential opportunities at CHS, our graduates leave ready to make the world a better, brighter place for all.

Belief System
The College of Human Sciences is distinguished by a commitment to the integration of the following quality of life premises:

  • Quality of life is a function of the relationship between people and their environments.
  • Global issues impact the well-being of individuals, families, and communities locally and worldwide.
  • Human diversity generates a dynamic force for progress.
  • Stewardship of the earth's human and natural resources is the responsibility of each generation.
  • Philanthropy is vital to solving social problems and improving quality of life.
  • A genuine commitment to service excellence and lifelong learning is the foundation for organizational and professional success.
  • World-class education is best defined by graduates who are professionally competent, globally aware, and socially engaged.
  • Professional integrity and ethical behavior are best promoted by an integrated set of personal and professional values.
  • Intellectual discovery and the application of knowledge are strengthened through innovative partnerships.
  • Contemporary issues are complex and most effectively addressed by multidisciplinary and transdisciplinary approaches.
  • Next generation technologies are critical to the preparation of students for success in the global, knowledge-based economy.
  • Twenty-first century learning requires that students and faculty reach beyond the classroom to gain practical experiences, an awareness of emerging trends, and a realistic perspective of their place in a rapidly changing world.
The College of Human Sciences is a dynamic, challenging learning environment where students become professionally competent, globally aware, and socially engaged as they develop into 21st century leaders. This academic paradigm that reaches beyond the classroom to open students' minds and broaden world views, differentiates CHS graduates in the global marketplace. It further enables them to positively impact the health and well-being of individuals, families, and consumers in pursuit of a sustainable world. CHS students and faculty will excel in teaching, research, and outreach locally and internationally, thus elevating the reputation of Auburn University with the College of Human Sciences setting the quality standards by which competing programs are measured.


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