Faculty & Staff Directory


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Susan Hubbard Dean hubbasg@auburn.edu (334) 844-3790 210 Spidle Hall
Jennifer Kerpelman Associate Dean,
Research & Graduate Studies
kerpejl@auburn.edu (334) 844-3790 210 Spidle Hall
Alleah Crawford Assoc. Dean & Professor crawfam@auburn.edu (334) 844-4790 266 Spidle Hall
Barb Struempler Assoc. Dean Extension/
Asst Director FCSP & Professor
struebj@auburn.edu (334) 844-2217 207 Duncan Hall

Administrative Staff

Name Title Email Phone Address Back to Top
Kevin Arnold Info Tech Specialist IV kra0007@auburn.edu (334) 844-3722 108 Spidle Hall
Shacolby Bailey Info Tech Specialist IV bailesh@auburn.edu (334) 844-7268 108 Spidle Hall
Graham Brooks Communications Editor gdb0004@auburn.edu (334) 844-3790 108 Spidle Hall
Laura Sellers Brooks Multimedia Specialist laurasellers.brooks@auburn.edu (334) 844-3792 108 Spidle Hall
Linda Bruner Student Services Coordinator II lrb0018@auburn.edu (334) 844-8443 222 Spidle Hall
Gregory Curry Assistant Director,
Communications & Marketing
greg.curry@auburn.edu (334) 844-3215 108 Spidle Hall
Tashina Flowers Graphic Designer tmw0008@auburn.edu (334) 844-3781 108 Spidle Hall
Kim Hendrix Director, Communications
& External Relations
kah0111@auburn.edu (334) 844-3241 264 Spidle Hall
Katie Lackey Director, Academic Advising lackekm@auburn.edu (334) 844-4790 266 Spidle Hall
Brittney Kimber Comm & Marketing Specialist,
Hunger Solutions Institute
bad0010@auburn.edu (334) 844.3219 Spidle Hall
Kim McCurdy Development Officer kcm0021@auburn.edu (334) 844-9173 232 Spidle Hall
Leanne Marshall Program Administrator lmm0084@auburn.edu (334) 844-3733 232 Spidle Hall
Michelle McBride Director of Development michelle.mcbride@auburn.edu (334) 844-2948 232 Spidle Hall
Ellen McManus Contracts & Grants
mcmanec@auburn.edu (334) 844-3797 210 Spidle Hall
Laurie Newton Manager, Business & Financial Admin
Office of the Dean
faisole@auburn.edu (334) 844-3729 210 Spidle Hall
Kim Parker Director, Student Academic Initiatives parkeka@auburn.edu (334) 844-4790 266 Spidle Hall
Alicia Powers Managing Director,
Hunger Solutions Institute
arp0042@auburn.edu (334) 844-3780 336 Spidle Hall
Melissa Rhodes Special Events Coordinator mar0011@auburn.edu (334) 844-7260 248 Spidle Hall
Alison Smith Admin Support Spec afw0027@auburn.edu (334) 844-4790 266 Spidle Hall
Karen Tidwell Exec Support Asst kft0002@auburn.edu (334) 844-3790 210 Spidle Hall
Walter Tolbert IT Manager tolbewa@auburn.edu (334) 844-3788 148 Spidle Hall
Amy Weaver Communications & Marketing
aew0025@auburn.edu (334) 844-7806 Samford Hall
Louisa Wood Director of Recruitment and Scholarships louisa.wood@auburn.edu (334) 844-4790 266 Spidle Hall

Consumer & Design Sciences

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Pamela V. Ulrich, Ph.D. Under Armour Professor & Department Head ulricpv@auburn.edu (334) 844-1336 308F Spidle Hall
Tracie Burton Office Manager burtotl@auburn.edu (334) 844-4051 308 Spidle Hall

Apparel Faculty

Name Title Email Phone Address Back to Top
Annette Burnsed, Ph.D. Lecturer & Apparel Merchandising Internship Coordinator kab0150@auburn.edu (334) 844-4673 372B Spidle Hall
Veena Chattaraman, Ph.D. Human Sciences Professor vzc0001@auburn.edu (334) 844-3258 301 Spidle Hall
Carol B. Centrallo, Ph.D. Associate Professor &
Extension Specialist
centrcb@auburn.edu (334) 884-1325 308C
Seeun Kim, Ph.D. Assistant Professor szk0145@auburn.edu (334) 844-1341 308G Spidle Hall
Wi-Suk Kwon, Ph.D. Human Sciences Professor of
Retailing & Coordinator, Apparel Merchandising
kwonwis@auburn.edu (334) 844-4011 372C Spidle Hall
Young-A Lee, Ph.D. Professor & Graduate Program Officer yalee@auburn.edu (334) 844-6458 308D Spidle Hall
Ann Beth Presley, Ph.D. Associate Professor preslab@auburn.edu (334) 844-1347 308B Spidle Hall
Ebony Robinson, M.F.A. Lecturer 308D Spidle Hall
Amrut Sadachar, Ph.D. Associate Professor azs0143@auburn.edu (334) 844-1316 372A Spidle Hall
Alaundra Shealey, M.S. Lecturer aps0012@auburn.edu 308A Spidle Hall
Karla P. Teel, Ph.D. Wrangler Associate Professor
& Apparel Design Program Coordinator
kteel@auburn.edu (334) 844-1345 363 Spidle Hall

Interior Design Faculty

Name Title Email Phone Address Back to Top
Taneshia Albert Assistant Professor tsw0037@auburn.edu (334) 844-1335 163 Spidle Hall
Melanie Duffey, Ph.D. Associate Professor mduffey@auburn.edu (334) 844-4006 164 Spidle Hall
Anna Ruth Gatlin, Ph.D. Assistant Professor gatliar@auburn.edu (334) 844-4073 173B Spidle Hall
Lauren Howard, M.F.A. Lecturer lah0022@auburn.edu (334) 844-4064 173A Spidle Hall
Kelly Roper Martin, M.S. Lecturer roperkl@auburn.edu (334) 844-3252 173C Spidle Hall
W. Allen & Martha Reimer Reed
Associate Professor & Coordinator, Interior Design
lat0012@auburn.edu (334) 844-1334 162 Spidle Hall

Philanthropy and Nonprofit Studies Faculty

Name Title Email Phone Address Back to Top
Congrong Ouyang Lecturer ozc0016@auburn.edu (334) 844-4078 308D Spidle Hall
Peter Weber Assistant Professor pcw0015@auburn.edu (334) 844-6457 372E Spidle Hall

Cary Center

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Name Title Email Phone Address Back to Top
Sidney James Executive Director,
Cary Center
jamessp@auburn.edu (334) 844-9199 360 N College Street
Brittany Branyon Director,
Cary Center Collegiate and Community Programs
branyba@auburn.edu (334) 844-3557 Cary Center
Lauren Faulkner Director of Youth Programs laurenfaulkner@auburn.edu (334) 844-3506 Cary Center
Mary Elizabeth Fukai Assistant Director,
Women’s Philanthropy Board
mhf0005@auburn.edu (334)844-3524 360 N College Street
Kim Walker Academic Programs Administrator,
Cary Center
kde0004@auburn.edu (334) 844-9156 360 N College Street

Office of Global Education

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Name Title Email Phone Address Back to Top
Lacey Armstrong Executive Director & Chair,
Joseph S. Bruno
Auburn Abroad In Italy
lacey.armstrong@auburn.edu Ariccia, Italy
Megan Elliott Academic Programs Administrator
Office of Global Education
mme0018@auburn.edu (334) 844-3748 334 Spidle Hall
Abbi-Storm McCann Lecturer azm0077@auburn.edu (334) 844-3780 334 Spidle Hall
Kate Thornton Director,
Global Education
brockmk@auburn.edu (334) 844-1339 334 Spidle Hall

Human Development and Family Science

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HDFS Administration

Name Title Email Phone Address Back to Top
Angela Wiley , Ph.D. Professor & Head arw0044@auburn.edu (334) 844-3242 203 Spidle Hall
Janet Gilmer Admin Support frandjm@auburn.edu (334) 844-4151 203 Spidle Hall
Adam Greer Career Services Specialist adamgreer@auburn.edu (334) 844-3293 206D Spidle Hall
Dorothy McKinnon Office Manager harrido@auburn.edu (334) 844-3220 278C Spidle Hall
Vanessa Finnegan Partnership Coordinator/AHMREI vzt0004@auburn.edu (334) 844-8517 111D M White Smith
Roberta Jackel Project Manager/AHMREI rrj0001@auburn.edu (334) 844-3227 111B M White Smith
Donna Rowland Outtreach Programs/CTF rowlandj@auburn.edu (334) 844-8751 220 M White Smith
Rachel Odomes Program Analyst/CTF parhara@auburn.edu (334) 844-8715 220 M White Smith
Teresa Wagoner Administrative and Financial Manager/AHMREI tgw0001@auburn.edu (334) 844-3238 111C M White Smith
Dejah Kelly Lab Manager/Child Sleep Health and Development Lab dnk0004@auburn.edu (334) 844-6905 114 M White Smith
Bridget Wingo Lab Manager/Child Sleep Health and Development Lab wingobn@auburn.edu (334) 844-6905 114 M White Smith
Carol Martin Managing Director AFP/FCCP cem0145@auburn.edu (334) 844-3247 109 M White Smith
Chante Myles AU-EHS-CCP ERSEA Family Services Coordinator ckm0011@auburn.edu (205)523-1656 215 M White Smith
Precious Perry AFP Accreditation Special Assistant parkepl@auburn.edu (334) 844-3249 117E M White Smith
Latrica Peters AU-EHS-CCP ERSEA Coordinator ldp0021@auburn.edu (334) 844-3257 109 M White Smith
Carol Samuel AFP Accreditation Assistant czs0023@auburn.edu (334) 844-0317 117D M White Smith
Katherine Abbate Project Manager/Military Reach kma0057@auburn.edu (334) 844-3299 3354 Haley Center
Lucy Nichols Research Associate/Military Reach lkr0008@auburn.edu (334) 844-3299 3354 Haley Center


Name Title Email Phone Address Back to Top
Francesca Adler-Baeder, Ph.D. Professor &
Extension Specialist
adlerfr@auburn.edu (334) 844-3234 263 Spidle Hall
Katrina A. R. Akande, Ph.D. Assistant Professor and
Extension Specialist
kakande@auburn.edu (334) 844-4151 286 Spidle Hall
Amanda Newberry Butler, M.S., CCLS Instructor and Director,
Child Life Programs
aln0002@auburn.edu (205) 844-5132 Early Learning Center
Robert R. Bubb, M.S. Lecturer rrb0005@auburn.edu (334) 844-3226 206B Spidle Hall
David H. Chae, Sc.D. . Associate Professor & Director, Society, Health, and Racial Equality (SHARE) Lab david.chae@auburn.edu (334) 844-3321 CHEER 314 Quad Drive
Adrienne Duke, Ph.D. Associate Professor & Extension Specialist amd0046@auburn.edu (334) 844-4091 203 Spidle Hall
Mona El-Sheikh, Ph.D. Leonard Peterson &
Co., Inc. Professor
elshemm@auburn.edu (334) 844-3294 260 Spidle Hall
Stephen A. Erath, Ph.D. Professor & Graduate Program Officer sae0001@auburn.edu (334) 844-3236 203 Spidle Hall
Thomas Fuller-Rowell, Ph.D. Associate Professor tef0005@auburn.edu (334) 844-3218 258 Spidle Hall
Ben Hinnant Ph.D. Associate Professor jbh0020@auburn.edu (334) 844-4151 288 Spidle Hall
Jennifer L. Kerpelman Ph.D. Professor & Associate Dean
for Research, Outreach
& Graduate Studies
kerpejl@auburn.edu (334) 844-4480 210 Spidle Hall
Scott A. Ketring, Ph.D. Associate Professor ketrisa@auburn.edu (334) 844-4479 Glanton House (314 Quad Drive)
Kyle L. Kostelecky, PhD, CFLE Associate Professor KLK@auburn.edu (334) 844-3231 278A Spidle Hall
Mallory Lucier-Greer Ph.D., LMFT Associate Professor & Director, Military REACH mluciergreer@auburn.edu (334) 844-3230 262 Spidle Hall
Lisa Moyer Ph.D. Lecturer lisamariemoyer@auburn.edu (334) 844-3246 206A Spidle
Julianne McGill Ph.D. Research Assistant Professor mclanjm@auburn.edu (334) 844-3189 110B M White Smith Hall
Josh Novak Ph.D. Assistant Professor jrn0031@auburn.edu (334) 844-4456 Glanton House (314 Quad Drive)
Lauren M. Ruhlmann Ph.D. Assistant Professor lmr0051@auburn.edu (334) 844-3275 206E Spidle Hall
Jamie Sailors, Ph.D. Director of Undergraduate Programs anderja@auburn.edu (334) 844-3217 206F Spidle Hall
Diana Samek Associate Professor drs0032@auburn.edu (334) 844-3245 278B Spidle Hall
Wendy Troop-Gordon Ph.D. Associate Professor wpg0006@auburn.edu (334) 844-3295 206 CHEER (314 Quad Drive)
Brian E. Vaughn, Ph.D. Professor vaughbe@auburn.edu (334) 844-3235 205 CHEER Building (314 Quad Drive)
Silvia L. Vilches, Ph.D. Assistant Professor and Extension Specialist svilches@auburn.edu (334) 844-3772 201 Spidle Hall
Elif Dede Yildirim Assistant Professor elifdy@auburn.edu (334) 844-3204 209 CHEER (314 Quad Drive)

Affiliate Faculty

Name Title Email Phone Address Back to Top
Joseph A. Buckhalt, Ph.D. Wayne T. Smith Distinguished Professor &
Director, School Psychology Program,
Department of Counselor Education,
Counseling Psychology, & School Psychology,
Auburn University
buckhja@auburn.edu (334) 844-2875 -
Wanda Newell, Ph.D. Associate Professor & Chair,
Department of Human Sciences,
Alcorn State University
wnewell@alcorn.edu (602) 887-6253 -
Anthony D. Salandy, Ph.D. Director, Monitoring & Evaluation,
Worldwide Orphans Foundation
anthony@wwo.org (973) 763-9961 -

Center Faculty

Name Title Email Phone Address Back to Top
Diana R. Blackwell, M.S. Assistant Director,
Harris Early Learning Center
reinedm@auburn.edu (205) 252-5060 Harris ELC, Birmingham
Robbie B. Roberts, Ph.D. Director,
Harris Early Learning Center
roberr3@auburn.edu (205) 252-5060 Harris ELC, Birmingham
Margaret Vollenweider, M.S. Instructor, and Assistant Director
Auburn Early Learning Center
willi50@auburn.edu (334) 844-5131 Auburn Early Learning Center
Sharon Wilbanks, M.S. Director,
Auburn Early Learning Center
shw0005@auburn.edu (334) 844-4696 Auburn Early Learning Center
Jennifer Wood Head Teacher & Instructor
Auburn Early Learning Center
jlw23wde@auburn.edu (334) 844-4696 Auburn Early Learning Center

Nutrition, Dietetics, & Hospitality Management

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Name Title Email Phone Address Back to Top
Martin O'Neill, Ph.D. Professor & Head oneilm1@auburn.edu (334) 844-3264 328D Spidle Hall
Priya Srivastava Financial Associate pzs0008@auburn.edu (334) 844-4238 328 Spidle Hall
Tanya Stringer Administrative Support Assistant tds0001@auburn.edu (334) 844-4261 328 Spidle Hall

Nutrition Faculty

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Name Title Email Phone Address Back to Top
Onikia Brown, Ph.D. RD Assistant Professor &
Extension Nutritionist
onb0001@auburn.edu (334) 844-3161 102A Poultry Science
Donna Burnett, Ph.D., RD Assistant Professor &
Director Graduate Clinical Education Programs
donna.burnett@auburn.edu (334) 844-3429 102F Poultry Science
Michael W. Greene, Ph.D. Assistant Professor mwg0006@auburn.edu (334) 844-8435 Poultry Science Building 101C
Kevin W. Huggins, Ph.D. Associate Professor huggikw@auburn.edu (334) 844-3296 Poultry Science Building 102D
Ramesh Jeganathan, Ph.D. Bruno Endowed Professor & Graduate Program Officer jeganrb@auburn.edu (334) 844-3840 Poultry Science Building 101F
Andrew D Frugé, Ph.D. Assistant Professor &
Director, Didactic
Program in Dietetics
fruge@auburn.edu (334) 844-3271 Poultry Science Building 101E
Barbara J. Struempler, Ph.D. Associate Dean Extension/
Asst Director FCSP & Professor
struebj@auburn.edu (334) 844-2217 207 Duncan Hall
Geetha Thangiah, Ph.D. Associate Professor thangge@auburn.edu (334) 844-7418 Poultry Science Building 101B
Douglas White, Ph.D. Associate Professor whitebd@auburn.edu (334) 844-3266 Poultry Science Building 101D

Affiliated Faculty

Name Title Email Phone Address Back to Top
Sondra Parmer, Ph.D. Extension Specialist,
Program Coordinator, Nutrition Education Program
parmesm@auburn.edu (334) 844-2231 201 Duncan Hall
Ann Marie O'Neill, Ph.D. Assistant Research Professor oneilam@auburn.edu (334) 844-4625 Poultry Science Building 102C

Hospitality Management Faculty

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Name Title Email Phone Address Back to Top
Baker M. Ayoun, Ph.D. Associate Professor &
Graduate Programs Officer
bma0002@auburn.edu (334) 844-8196 360 Spidle Hall
Alecia Douglas, Ph.D. Assistant Professor acd0011@auburn.edu (334) 844-1434 358 Spidle Hall
Nicole Gaillard, M.S. Lecturer gaillnb@auburn.edu (334) 844-4215 356 Spidle Hall
Yee Ming Lee, Ph.D. Assistant Professor yzl0085@auburn.edu (334) 844-6453 362 Spidle Hall
David Martin, Ph.D. Assistant Professor martida@auburn.edu (334) 844-3291 328B Spidle Hall
Ana Plana Lecturer aplana@auburn.edu (334) 844-3731 332 Spidle Hall
Imran Rahman, Ph.D. Assistant Professor izr0004@auburn.edu (334) 844-4206 328C Spidle Hall
Mark Traynor, Ph.D. Associate Professor
Program Coordinator, Culinary Science
izr0004@auburn.edu (334) 844-3731 328E Spidle Hall
Keisha Echols AUHCC Director of Education
& Human Resources
keisha.echols@auhcc.com (334) 821-8200 The Hotel at Auburn University
& Dixon Conference Center
Hans Van der Reijden Managing Director
Hotel Operations & Educational Initiatives
hans.vanderreijden@auhcc.com (334) 321-3179 The Hotel at Auburn University
& Dixon Conference Center