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In the Halls of Spidle
Joining Forces to Fight Hunger

The Hunger Solutions Institute or HSI in the College of Human Sciences is working to solve hunger, one partnership at a time. Managing Director Dr. Alicia Powers joins Communications Director Kim Hendrix in this segment of In the Halls of Spidle, to put a face on hunger and share how the work originating at Auburn University is impacting the world. Learn how HSI is poised to stay on the front lines and what role you can play in the battle to end hunger at home and around the world.


In the Halls of Spidle
Designing Communities and Changing Lives

She’s on the ASID “Ones to Watch” list in the field of Interior Design and she’s determined that her students understand design is about so much more than building pretty spaces. In this edition of “In the Halls of Spidle”, learn more about Taneshia West Albert, assistant professor in the College of Human Sciences and how her teaching philosophy brings together critical thinking and compassion in order to change communities and lives.


In the Halls of Spidle
How You Sleep affects How You Live

World-renowned sleep expert Dr. Mona El-Sheikh joins Kim Hendrix in the Halls of Spidle to discuss how sleep patterns touch every aspect of a person’s life. Dr. El-Sheikh leads a research team in the College of Human Sciences, studying the correlation of sleep, family relationships and socio economic factors. Tune in and learn why getting enough shut eye is imperative for you and your children.


In the Halls of Spidle
When the World is your Classroom

Get an inside look at Global Studies in the College of Human Sciences.  Global Education Director Dr. Kate Thornton shares how this unique program opens countless doors of opportunity for graduates who want to change the world.  Also, learn about the new Master of Development Practice, the only one of its kind offered in the state, and how it could equip you in starting a non-profit to impacting the corporate world.


In the Halls of Spidle
Growth and Engagement in the College of Human Sciences

Spring is a season known for growth and new beginnings and that certainly holds true for the College of Human Sciences. In this edition of In the Halls of Spidle, Development Director Michelle McBride gives us a sneak peek into the extreme growth in the Hospitality Management Program while also discussing areas to engage in that aren’t as apparent. From College Street to Italy and areas in between, learn how you can do your part to improve quality of life and change the world.


In the Halls of Spidle
The Power of Relationships

HDFS Professor and AHMREI Project Director Dr. Francesca Adler-Baeder shares the latest research into how your relationships affect your health and those around you. Also, discover how a major grant is expanding resources available to teens and adults. Plus, what is the pandemic effect on relationships—the good and the bad?


In the Halls of Spidle
Auburn Cares is Here for You

Auburn University’s Miss Homecoming and HDFS student Madison Birckhead steps into The Halls of Spidle, sharing personally why Auburn Cares is an organization she wants every student to be aware of. Auburn Cares exists to meet students right where they are in the midst of any difficulty that may be derailing their academic plans. Learn where and when to reach out for help.


In the Halls of Spidle
Creating Opportunities by Honoring Heroes with Beth Thorne Stukes

Career educator turned education advocate Beth Thorne Stukes sits down for a conversation in the latest edition of In the Halls of Spidle. Hear why Stukes, a staunch Auburn University supporter, is particularly drawn to the mission of the College of Human Sciences - improving quality of life for all and changing the world. Learn why she is passionate about honoring the Heroes of COVID-19 through the College of Human Sciences 2020 International Quality of Life Awards and discover how you can do the same. 


In the Halls of Spidle
“A Disease of the Soul”—why Roger Thurow can’t stop working to end world hunger

College of Human Sciences Scholar in Residence Roger Thurow shares his insight on journalism today, drawing from his 30 years of experience writing for the Wall Street Journal, and discusses the one assignment that changed everything. Find out why this renowned author and journalist spends his days working to raise the clamor regarding world hunger to outrage and inspire a new generation. 


The College of Human Sciences Marriage and Family Therapy Program:
Offering a life-line in coping with the stress of COVID-19

Dr. Scott Ketring, Director of Auburn University’s Marriage and Family Therapy Program takes a walk In the Halls of Spidle to talk about the toll of the COVID-19 season.  Learn more about the College of Human Sciences teletherapy program and how it’s helping students, faculty, staff and families navigate a season filled with anxiety and the unknown.


In the Halls of Spidle
The Changing landscape of Auburn and Hospitality Management

Hospitality Management Department Head, Dr. Martin O’Neill is In the Halls of Spidle, talking about the “mess” we see on College Street right now and how it is opening amazing doors of opportunity. Learn how students, faculty, Auburn residents and visitors can take advantage of an experience unlike any other known in the world. Discover details of the Rane Culinary Science Center, along with other opportunities in Hospitality Management, Nutrition and Dietetics in this latest edition of In the Halls of Spidle.


Dean Susan Hubbard is In the Halls of Spidle
Navigating an Unprecedented Year

The College of Human Sciences continues to share In the Halls of Spidle: Life Changing Steps, a monthly videocast sharing the many ways our College is improving quality of life for all. In the next installment, College of Human Sciences Dean Susan Hubbard joins Communications Director Kim Hendrix to discuss her history with the College, her love for the Auburn family, the Tony and Libba Rane Culinary Science Center, and navigating her first year as dean under unprecedented times. 


SGA President Ada Ruth Huntley
A Conversation of Hope and Honesty

In this new monthly feature, look for conversations with those living into the College of Human Sciences mission of improving quality of life and changing the world.  You’ll hear from students, faculty, researchers, leaders and friends—the influencers who take life changing steps through their passion to learn and educate. In this first segment, Auburn SGA President and Human Sciences student, Ada Ruth Huntley talks about the racial unrest in our country and how we, as the Auburn family, can move forward.