Computer Specifications

All Human Sciences students are required to have a laptop computer.

Processor Intel core i5
Memory 8 GB recommended
Hard Drive 256 GB (minimum)
Optical Drive DVD/RW (optional)
Operating System Windows 10 (version 1809) or MAC OS (Mojave)
Office Suite Microsoft Office 365 is available to all Auburn University students free of charge.
Options Consider purchasing a multi-year (3 year) warranty. Apple Care or Safeway for MAC.
Consider choosing an anti-theft option such as Lojack or Computrace by Absolute.
Most laptop manufacturers offer an anti-theft option with multi-year subscriptions.
Consider purchasing a 1TB external hard drive or use cloud storage for back-up.
Auburn provides students with a free Box account.

Adobe Creative Suite software is free for all currently-enrolled Auburn University students. Visit for more information.
Auburn students can purchase a variety of software through the Auburn University Bookstore at a substantial educational discount. Check with the Auburn University Bookstore before purchasing a software bundle with your new computer.

Notice for Pre-Interior Design students:
Pre-Interior Design (INDX) students do not have any specific technology requirements beyond the standard College of Human Sciences laptop requirements listed above. Those students who are admitted to the Interior Design (INDS) program will have specific hardware and software requirements for the major. These requirements will be emailed to students at their official email address in May, following completion of their INDX sequence and well in advance of the Fall term in which they will begin INDS courses.