HDFS Frequently Asked Questions

Fingerprinting / Background Check

Alabama Law (Alabama Law Act 2000-775 and Alabama Code 38-13-1) requires that anyone who works with children, youth, adolescents, or the elderly in either a paid or a voluntary capacity must undergo a criminal background check and be fingerprinted. As an HDFS major, you will have opportunity to work with children, youth, adolescents, adults, or the aged sometime during your four or more years as an Auburn student. Therefore, you must adhere to this law.

All students are required to start the fingerprint and background check upon enrollment as an HDFS major. Students who do not have evidence that they submitted their application materials will have a registration hold placed on their accounts. Students who do not have their clearing letters from the fingerprint and background check will not be allowed to complete the required HDFS Internship (HDFS 4920).

Forms and other information necessary for the fingerprint and background check can be obtained from the HDFS office in 206 Spidle Hall.

Professional Liability Insurance

Beginning in your sophomore year, you will be charged $14.50 per year for professional liability insurance. You will receive a Bursar's bill only once a year for coverage for the entire calendar year. Professional Liability Insurance protects you from loss against a claim of alleged negligent acts in your professional role when you work or volunteer in settings with infants, young children, adolescents, adults, the elderly or families. It does not cover you if you are found guilty of an illegal act (for example, child abuse or corporal punishment). It does cover you, however, if a child or adult is accidently injured while under your supervision. For specific information on the amount of coverage your policy provides, please contact Auburn University Risk Management at 844-4533.

To apply to the HDFS Graduate Programs, please contact:
Dr. Stephen Erath, Graduate Program Officer
Email: at serath@auburn.edu
or visit the Graduate portion of the HDFS website.

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