Classes and Tuition

Classes and Tuition

The Auburn University Early Learning Center is operated by the Department of Human Development and Family Science, College of Human Sciences, to support its instructional and research programs. Children attend half day sessions taught by Head Teachers with advanced training in Child Development/Early Childhood Education. University students teach and work with the children under the direct supervision of the Head Teachers. To have children considered for admission, parents should submit applications beginning October 1 for the next academic year. A waiting pool of applicants is maintained to replace any child withdrawn by another child of the same age and sex. Please use the links in the sidebar to fill out an application. For more information, call 334-844-4696 or email

2 DAY TWOS 8:30-11:30 $180 $50
3 DAY TWOS 8:30-11:30 $250 $75
5 DAY TWOS 8:30-11:30 $400 $100
5 DAY MORNING THREES 8:30-11:30 $400 $100
5 DAY MORNING FOURS 8:30-11:30 $400 $100
5 DAY AFTERNOON MIXED AGE 12:30-3:30 $400 $100
8:30-11:30 + 12:30-3:30
$800 $200

The center follows the Auburn University schedule. Classes for children generally start the day after classes for AU students start and end on the last official class day for the semester. The center is closed any time the university is closed for holidays or weather/emergency status.

Acceptance into program

Once a child is accepted into the program certain forms must be completed prior to the child attending the center. These forms will be sent to the parents in a timely fashion for completion.

Scholarships may be applied for after acceptance into the program. A committee consisting of one parent and two Department of Human Development and Family Science members, not to include AUELC staff, award scholarship money in late May or early June for the following year. Partial scholarships to cover one quarter to one half of the fees are the rule. However, the number of scholarships and amount of awards are based on the amount of money in the scholarship fund at the time of distribution. Minimum requirements are that the family meet the free/reduced lunch standards set by the government.

Parent Involvement
Parents are encouraged to be involved with their children's life at the center. We have a state of the art observation booth which parents are encouraged to use. Parents are welcome to come to their child's class to share a story, objects of interest or to join us on field trips.