Our Mission

Our Mission

The Auburn University Early Learning Center has a four-fold mission:

  1. To offer high-quality care and education of young children and their families.

    As an NAEYC accredited program, the AUELC provides a developmentally appropriate curriculum that is based on research regarding how children grow, learn, and develop as active learners. The implementation of this curriculum is overseen by head teachers and the director who are faculty members in the Department of Human Development and Family Science. Teachers with advanced degrees in Child Development or Early Childhood Education prepare individualized plans for their classrooms that address intellectual, emotional, physical, and social development. In addition to the needs of the children, parental needs are considered through home visits, parent teacher conferences, parent workshops, an observation booth, as well as other parenting resources.

  2. To provide training and education to college and university students who will work with young children and families.

    The Center serves as a laboratory and internship site for Auburn University students who work under the supervision of head teachers and the director. Undergraduate students hone their skills and attain practical experience in the classroom. Head teachers act as mentors to both graduate and undergraduate students. Undergraduate students create and implement lessons with the guidance and approval of their supervising head teacher. Daily meetings between laboratory students and the head teacher are held to discuss the events of the day and children's growth and needs. Internships are available in both teaching and preschool administration.

  3. To conduct and support scholarly research efforts that expand understandings of how children and families grow and develop.

    Auburn University faculty and graduate students who are interested in studying issues related to children's growth, development, and family relationships conduct approved research at the center. A large observation booth overlooking the classrooms with state of the art audio/video capability is available for research purposes. Undergraduate and graduate students play an integral role in the research conducted by faculty.

  4. To work collaboratively with community members and other early childhood development professionals and programs in expanding the availability of high quality early care and education.

    The director and teaching staff of AUELC serve as teachers and mentors for childcare workers on the local, state and national levels. Presentations at conferences, workshops at local information and referral agencies and in-service centers, and at childcare centers and nursery schools are all venues for outreach.