Alumni Spotlight: Megan Elliott

Photo of Megan Elliott and daughter ina classroom.

Meet Megan Elliott, the Academic Programs Coordinator for the Office of Global Education:
“I started working with the College of Human Sciences Office of Global Education in June 2015 in what started as a part-time job helping with the administrative side of study abroad programs. It then turned into a full-time position that has me recruiting students for our twelve (and always growing) study abroad programs, working with faculty members and travel companies to create new programs, advising students on the best study abroad program for their major, as well as the recruitment of Global Studies in Human Sciences students.

When I first started working part-time I was happy to jump in and do what I could do, never imagining that it would turn into a career. But the more I stuck around, the more I realized that this was my fit. This was my way of connecting students (and even faculty) to people, opportunities, and experiences so that they can find fulfilling work that keeps them passionate about life.

I never imagined I would be working at a large university in this capacity, but after my experience of living and working in Kathmandu, Nepal, I knew that I wanted others to have that experience. Those two years in Nepal were exciting, maddening, difficult, maturing, and incredibly impactful. I moved to Nepal when I was 27 and returned when I was 29, but I always say that I left for Nepal a kid, then came back as an adult. Never in my life have I worked so hard and seen so much growth in such a short amount of time. I date my life as B.N. and A.N., Before Nepal and After Nepal, because everything changed because of my experiences there. My goal is to make experiences like I had in Nepal accessible to all students, creating programs that meet the academic goals of students as well as considers the financial obligation of our students and their families. It is my joy to work to create a program that the faculty member loves, the students love, and is feasible for students from all walks of life to participate.”


P: 334-844-3748