Return to the Runway: College of Human Sciences Students host live Fashion Event

Graham Brooks | Communications Editor

For the first time since 2019, Auburn University College of Human Sciences Apparel Design and Merchandising students pulled back the curtain and saw rows of chairs filled with people lining the runway on the gymnasium floor at Beard-Eaves-Memorial Coliseum on Friday, April 22.

The large majority of the 22 students that make-up the fashion event planning class were able to coordinate and host The Fashion Event live for the first time in three years. It’s something most have not seen or experienced since stepping foot on campus at Auburn University as a freshman.

Known as Auburn University’s premier fashion showcase, the annual Fashion Event is co-sponsored by the College of Human Sciences Department of Consumer and Design Sciences and the Auburn Apparel Merchandising and Design Association.

Kinsey Pastore, a junior studying Apparel Merchandising and the Director of this year’s Fashion Event, said the incredible response from the Auburn community led to a record-breaking year in ticket sales and attendance.

“It has been an incredible experience this year because last year I thought that I kind of knew about fashion event planning,” Pastore said. “But, us being back in person and knowing truly how many pieces there are of the puzzle it’s been really great to work as a team with people within the College of Human Sciences in all areas to make this show come to life.”

A crowd of more than 850 people watched the high energy runway show set to the theme of “Art in Fashion.” Garments created and styled by Auburn Apparel Merchandising and Design students displayed the collision of art and fashion.

The biggest change from last year’s Fashion Event to now was the transition from a virtual show to an in-person show as Pastore made the move from Styling Chair in 2021 to the Director of the show in 2022. Despite having a lot of excitement moving to an in-person show, Pastore said it forced students in the Fashion Event planning class to take on greater responsibilities.

“It’s more of everyone has done a really good job of being accountable for their different responsibilities whereas virtual it was less of a production than this,” Pastore said. “Even though it’s been a challenge, it’s been a great challenge in leadership because everyone has had to step up to the plate and all 22 of us have had a different task. Everyone has to get it done in order for the masterpiece to come to life.”

Since the Fashion Event’s inception in 2011, Wrangler Associate Professor and the Fashion Event Advisor Dr. Karla Teel has been there to see the growth and changes in the last 11 years.

“The show has grown from being at a private home with about 100 people to now over 850 people and a live show,” Teel said. “It’s basically the revival because last year we had to totally pivot to a video which is totally different from a live show. Then trying to get the class and the different members to look at a live show and teach them differently that has been a huge challenge but they rose to the occasion.”

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