FRIDAY | 04.14.2023
Beard-Eaves Memorial Coliseum
Doors Open | 6:00 PM

The XIIth hour is where tranquility and turmoil exist in equilibrium. The number 12 represents the balance between opposites, sun and moon, light and dark, harmony and havoc living in a coexisting state. From midnight to noon and back again, time passes continually while we search for our own personal tranquility. As we approach our 12th year of The Fashion Event, we celebrate finding harmony in opposing ideas through the elements of design.

The future of fashion is now words in white.

The Fashion Event is Auburn University’s student led fashion showcase features creations by the next generation of fashion designers and merchandisers. The annual Fashion Event, cosponsored by the College of Human Sciences, Department of Consumer and Design Sciences and the Auburn Apparel Merchandising and Design Association, is one of the top college-level productions in the nation.

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The future of fashion is now words in white.

In 2020, just a few weeks until the show, the global pandemic forced the cancellation of the event, after nine months of preparation. In 2021, the students were forced to pivot from a LIVE event to producing a video of the entire Fashion Event experience. The students were challenged to creatively reimagine The Fashion Event and develop an engaging film. In 2022, The Fashion Event was live, once more, with attendance at almost 900. It was an invigorating experience by all who attended!

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