Undergraduate Degree Opportunities

The nationally ranked Consumer and Design Sciences programs prepare students to succeed in today’s highly competitive global economy. Whether their focus is Philanthropy and Nonprofit Studies, Interior Design or Apparel Merchandising, Design and Production Management, students are prepared to compete in today's global economy. These majors secure challenging professional internships and are vigorously recruited by leading firms in the industryand are also introduced to prominent designers and business leaders who come to campus as keynote speakers for the annual Grisham/Trentham Lecture Series and design competition. They also participate in exciting study tours to such locations as New York, Rome, and London.

Transform your passion into purpose with the B.S. in Philanthropy and Nonprofit Studies. Dive into classes that go beyond textbooks — learn to build strong financial foundations for impactful projects and lead nonprofit initiatives. From collegiate giving to nonprofit law, our comprehensive curriculum prepares you for success. Apply your skills in real-world settings through internships, shaping you into an empowered and responsible citizen.

The B.S. in Interior Design from Auburn’s nationally ranked, CIDA accredited program offers its graduates an entry into professional careers in design of residential, hospitality, retail, commercial, and healthcare environments. A required professional internship often complemented by additional Internships and a study abroad experience results in internship and job placements across the country, often with Top 100 firms. 100% placement in design positions or enrollment in graduate school within one year of graduation is not uncommon.

The B.S. in Apparel Merchandising, Design and Production Management offers two options:

  • • Apparel Merchandising (ranked #3 nationally; #1 in the South)
  • • Apparel Design and Production Management (ranked #7 nationally; #3 in the South)

These options prepare students for a wide variety of positions across the apparel supply chain in local, national, or international firms. A required professional internship provides a launch pad for a broad spectrum of careers in the fashion industry.