Philanthropy & Non-Profit Studies

Auburn students can now enroll in a new major focused on solving critical social problems through philanthropy and nonprofit work to begin in the fall semester of 2019.

The Bachelor of Science degree in Philanthropy and Nonprofit Studies program will equip students with the comprehensive knowledge and practical skills to succeed in philanthropic endeavors. In class, students will learn how to build solid personal and organizational financial foundations to support philanthropic projects and lead nonprofit enterprises. Course subjects include: collegiate consuming and giving, nonprofit studies, portfolio development, nonprofit law and governance, and gender, wealth and philanthropy.

Outside of the classroom, students will be able to apply that knowledge through internships and practical application opportunities. This well-rounded plan of study will guide the students as educated, responsible citizens in keeping with the CHS mission.

Graduates of the program may go on to become program directors or officers for corporate or private foundations, fundraisers, grant writers and operations specialists and managers.

According to Charity Navigator, charitable giving has been increasing the past several years. In 2017, more than $400 billion was gifted to philanthropic endeavors. In the corporate sector, companies such as Google, Johnson and Johnson, Target, Microsoft, Wells Fargo and Gilead Sciences give millions to charity each year.

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For more information about the new philanthropy and nonprofit studies undergraduate degree program, contact:

Louisa Wood
CHS Student Services Coordinator