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Programs of Study
Graduate Certificate Program in Brewing Science and Operations

The Graduate Certificate Program aims to prepare students for successful career entry in the malting, brewing, and distilling industries. The program is also recommended for those already in the brewing field to update and enhance their knowledge and skill base, and for the avid home brewer who is keen to learn better methods and science behind home brewing. The program is offered entirely online requiring a minimum of 18 credit hours to complete the certificate and can be completed over the course of one year of study – August to August. Students are required to complete an industrial practicum where they will gain valuable hands-on industrial brewing experience prior to graduation.

Master of Science Program in Brewing Science and Operations

The Master of Science (MS) degree in Brewing Science and Operations is designed to provide advanced education for those interested in entering or further developing their career in the craft brewing industry. The MS degree will be non-thesis and delivered entirely online, requiring a minimum of 33 credit hours to complete the degree. The non-thesis track is designed mainly for individuals interested in combining current work life with the need for educational advancement. While there will be an element of primary research attached to the completion of their non-thesis project, the project will primarily relate to some element of the student's current or intended business environment. The program will offer a blend of theoretical and applied courses created to keep students abreast of current management thinking and practice in this emerging field. Emphasis is placed on the concepts of good and progressive science, workplace health and safety, effective and sustainable operations, supply chain management, business planning, and informed decision-making.

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For additional information please address all inquiries to:

Clark A. Danderson, PhD
Assistant Professor/Director of Brewing Science and Operations
Horst Schulze School of Hospitality Management
332A Spidle Hall
Auburn University
Auburn, Al 36849