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2023 Graduate Student Research Symposium Abstracts

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3MT Presentations


Name Dept MP Title Abstract
Sharmin Shoukat CADS Karla Teel and Amrut Sadachar Chatbots in Sustainable Clothing Shopping: Effects of Anthropomorphism and Usefulness on Consumer Anger and Experience This presentation will propose a study that examines the role of chatbot anthropomorphism (high vs. low) and chatbot usefulness (high vs. low) on consumer emotion and experience during sustainable clothing shopping. This study will employ an online experiment with manipulations through a chatbot programmed to interact with consumers via text.
Anthony Millero CADS Young-A Lee The Influence of Consumers’ Perceived Sustainability of Industrial Hemp on Purchase Intentions for Hemp Apparel In response to recent laws making growing industrial hemp legal, this study examines if sustainability perceptions influence purchase intention of hemp apparel products. An online survey of U.S. consumers will be analyzed using basic statistical analysis. Results will be useful for all parties throughout the industrial hemp supply chain.
Claire Stovall CADS Veena Chattaraman Accumulative vs. Appreciative Materialism: Implications for Sustainable Apparel Consumption Kramarczyk and Oliver (2022) redefine materialism as accumulative materialism which places greater emphasis on the quantity of goods an individual possesses, and appreciative materialism which suggests that individuals place value on the quality and meaningfulness of their goods. The present study reinvestigates the predictors and derivatives of the relationship of materialism on apparel consumption behaviors through the moderation of self-esteem. Thus, allowing for a greater understanding of the sustainable apparel consumer.
Hamzeh Hammadeen Hospitality Management Alleah Crawford Skilled Immigrant Employees on the Diversity & Inclusion Spectrum of Hotel Organizations The management of Diversity & Inclusion (D&I) is a fundamental part of human resource strategies in hotel organizations. This study aims to assess the emphasis on skilled immigrant employees in those strategies and provides insight into how organizations can better integrate this group of employees, given their immense cultural capital.
Jenna Lawlor HDFS Francesca Adler-Baeder A sexual mindfulness virtual intervention for Black and interracial couples This study piloted an online racially-representative version of the Sexual Mindfulness Project with 13 heterosexual Black and interracial couples (age range 23–44) to understand program acceptability. Qualitative interviews showed that couples enjoyed the program and reported positive relational and sexual outcomes following the intervention.
Shahbaj Kabir CADS Young-A Lee Drapability of 3D Printed Auxetic Structure Textiles for Wearable Products The purpose of this study was to explore drapability of 3D printed auxetic structure textiles with different geometries through image processing technique and their potential application in the 3D printed wearable product development. An experimental research design, consisting of 10 (3D printed textile samples) x 3 (repetition), was used for this study. The results demonstrated the viability of using different auxetic structures in the 3D printed textile design and development.


10-Min Individual Talks


Megan Robinson Nutritional Sciences Ramesh Jeganathan The Effect of Nerve Growth Factor Administration on Gut Microbiota Homeostasis in an Obese, Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus, and Alzheimer’s Disease Mouse Model The influence of a neuroregenerative treatment, Nerve Growth Factor (NGF), upon the gut microbiome and gut-brain axis was investigated in an obese, Type II Diabetes Mellitus, and Alzheimer’s Disease mouse model. Through 16s rRNA sequencing, Western Blot, and RT-PCR techniques, alterations of the gut microbiota were illuminated.
Tianjian Liu Hospitality Management Yee Ming Lee Attendee’s Experience of Anime Conventions in the United States: A Netnography Study Anime Convention, an event focusing on anime, has gained popularity in the United States. Attendees usually leave their user-generated content (UGSs) online to share their anime convention experience. Guided by the stimulus-organism-response model, this study employed netnography to analyze 739 UGCs from 6 large anime conventions in the US.
Adebowale Samuel Oyerinde Nutritional Sciences Geetha Thangiah Induction of oxidative stress in 3T3 L1 differentiated adipocyte cells We hypothesize that pro-oxidants such as H2O2 beyond cellular antioxidants can cause oxidative stress (OS) in obese people. Mouse embryonic fibroblast cell line (3T3-L1) was used for this study. Results demonstrated that OS caused a significant loss of cell viability, increased lipid peroxidation, and apoptotic effect, in 3T3-L1 differentiated adipocytes treated with H2O2. OS influences metabolic enzyme activity, transcription factor, and gene expression which can lead to obesity-related diseases.
Brianna Crumly HDFS Di Samek Confirmatory Factor and Invariance Analysis of the Difficulties in Emotion Regulation Scale- Parent Report The measurement model for the Difficulties in Emotion Regulation Scale-Parent Report was tested using an early adolescent sample. A slightly adapted four-factor solution demonstrated the best fit. Factor loadings and intercepts were equivalent across sexes and race/ethnicity. Residual variances were fully invariant across sexes while only partially invariant across race/ethnicity.
Ifeoluwa Adebayo Odeniyi Nutritional Sciences Michael Greene An Improved In vitro 3T3-L1 Adipocyte Model of Inflammation and Insulin Resistance A new in vitro model of adipose tissue inflammation was developed using 3T3-L1 adipocytes treated with TNF-α and hypoxia. Treatment for 12 hours-maintained inflammation and insulin resistance while reducing cell death compared to 24 hours. The model can be used to study obesity-linked inflammation and insulin.
Kelly Martin CADS Lindsay Tan Interior Design of the Home for Postpartum Mental Health and Well-Being This presentation will introduce the theory, methodology, results, and key implications of an interior design dissertation that focused on interior design features of the home to support maternal mental health and well-being at home in the postpartum time period.
Priyadarshni Patel Nutritional Sciences Geetha Thangiah Epigenome-wide DNA Methylation Analyses Identifies Novel Differentially Methylated Regions in Childhood Obesity One of the main molecular processes regulating how genes interact with the environment is known as "epigenetics,". Here, we identified differentially methylated areas using the Illumina MethylationEPIC BeadChip Array. We identified novel genes that were differentially methylated between normal weight and overweight/obese children, which further paves the way for a more in-depth analysis of the top hits and the overlapping genes.
Courtney Furlong HDFS Ben Hinnant Sex Trafficking Indicators and Predictors: An analysis of 1,264 case files of survivors of commercial sexual exploitation in Atlanta A quantitative investigation of case files of survivors of commercial sexual exploitation was conducted. Predictors of exploitation, like mental health diagnoses, childhood sexual abuse, and educational achievement, along with relevant outcomes, such as age of first exploitation, length of exploitation, arrests, and mental health diagnoses, will be discussed.
Darcy Corbitt-Hall HDFS Wendy Troop-Gordon Empathy, Defender Self-Efficacy, and Moral Disengagement for Aggression: Interdependent Predictors of Defending Behaviors We hypothesized, tested, and found support for an indirect effect of Empathy × DSE on direct defending through MDA and a direct effect of Empathy × DSE on direct defending at high DSE and on indirect defending at low DSE using longitudinal data from 4th and 5th graders (N = 1,564). Implications are discussed.
Furkan 'Kai' Arasli Hospitality Management Alecia Douglas Customer Perception on Michelin Green Start Restaurants: Evidence from Trip Advisor Globally, restaurant industry continues to evolve with the demands of its customers. Therein, green practices are demanded and awarded with Michelin green stars. This work-in-progress study will contribute to the literature by the exploration of customers’ user generated contents on US-based Michelin green star restaurants (California) in order to draw insights from utilized content analysis.
Lauren Jun Nutritional Sciences Ramesh Jeganathan Molecular Mechanisms of Muscle Atrophy in Obese and T2DM Mouse Model A Western-style diet has been the leading cause of obesity and diabetes. Recent studies have linked diabetes with skeletal muscle atrophy. Nerve growth factor (NGF) has been shown to promote muscle regeneration. This study will observe the effect of a Western-style diet and NGF on skeletal muscle.
Nianchu Hou CADS Melanie Duffey The relation between perceived sensory dimensions of urban green space and perceived restorativeness The purpose of this study is to investigate the relationship between the perceived sensory dimensions (PSD) of urban green spaces (UGS) and adults' perceived restorativeness. The PSD of UGS includes nature, serene, space, rich in species, social, prospect, culture, and refuge. Perceived restorativeness (being away, fascination, coherence, and compatibility) is measured with the Perceived Restorative Scale (PRS). This study will use a mixed research approach, using multivariate analysis of variance (MANOVA) for quantitative analysis and coding for qualitative analysis.
Shenee Douglas Hospitality Management Imran Rahman Exploring Visitor Harassment and Behavioral Intentions in the Caribbean: Do memorable tourism experience and destination fascination mediate this relationship? Visitor harassment (VH) continues to be a strain on the tourism industry in regions such as the Caribbean. With strong trends in tourism driven by a shift in visitor expectation towards authenticity and immersive experiences, this study examines how VH impacts destination loyalty through identified mediating factors.
Emily Brigham HDFS Wendy Troop-Gordon Conforming to Classroom Aggression Norms: A Longitudinal Assessment of the Contribution of Empathy and Moral Disengagement Studies investigating the link between social norms and youth aggression have indicated that in classrooms where aggression is socially condoned, heightened aggression is later observed. To add to a limited body of literature, this study examined whether the link between aggressive behavior norms and youth's subsequent aggressive behavior (i.e., conformity to norms) is moderated by relative levels of empathy or moral disengagement.
Ummey Hani Barsha CADS Amrut Sadachar Consumers’ Purchase Intentions Toward Jute Blended Garments By considering features like biodegradability, eco-friendliness, and profitability, jute is considered one of the best sustainable natural fibers. Researchers have tried to find different methods like blending to make apparel from it. There is a lack of research addressing consumers’ perceptions, attitudes, and purchase intentions of jute blended garments. The present study will fill the gap by examining consumers’ perceptions, their attitudes and form their purchase intention towards jute blended garments.
Souji Gopalakrishna Pillai Hospitality Management Alecia Douglas Revolutionizing the Hospitality Industry: The Role of Smart Commercial Kitchens in Ensuring Hygiene, Sanitation, and Cleanliness Smart commercial kitchen (SCK) technologies are important in managing hygiene, safety, and operational efficiency in the hospitality industry. Using an online survey, we aim to analyze the factors influencing the intention to adopt SCK by integrating the unified theory of acceptance and use of the technology model and task-technology fit.
Hadeel Aldhowayan Nutritional Sciences Michael Greene Role of CXCL7 in colon cancer progression Colorectal cancer (CRC) is one of the most common cancers worldwide. Chemokines are inflammatory molecules linked to tumor progression, and among these of chemokines, Chemokine (C-X-C motif) ligand 7 (CXCL7) is a potential biomarker for the CRC diagnosis. However, its role in CRC progression is not known. Hence, this study was undertaken to determine the role of CXCL7 in mediating colon cancer proliferation through enhanced aerobic glycolysis.
Haley Sherman HDFS Mallory Lucier-Greer Examining the dimensionality of a Combat Experiences Scale and examining if religion/spirituality buffers the impact combat exposure has on mental health symptoms Through the lens of religious coping theory, the aims of this study were multifaceted. First, the dimensionality of a Combat Experiences Scale, the measure used in the Army STARRS dataset, was examined among a sample of 13,155 Soldiers. Next the direct effects of combat exposure on anxiety and depressive symptoms were examined. Then, a Latent Profile Analysis (LPA) was conducted to examine whether different groups of Soldiers emerged based on indicators of religiosity, spirituality, and religious attendance. The final analysis examined if the LPA groups moderated the relationship between combat exposure and the mental health symptoms.




Adam Book CADS Veena Chattaraman Food label readability: Examining the effects of font size and color contrast on reading experience and behavior This study examines the effects of font size and color contrast variations in food labels on perceived readability, affect, and behavioral intentions, while also examining the moderating effect of age. The study employed a controlled mobile experiment with a total of 173 Auburn-area adults ranging from 19-83 in age.
Alex Kaeppler HDFS Stephen Erath Coping with family stress as a moderator of the longitudinal association between childhood anxiety and adolescent depressive symptoms Anxiety often predicts the development of depressive symptoms later in life. However, the extent to which anxiety predicts future depressive symptoms may depend on the ways in which individuals cope with stress. Accordingly, we examined coping responses as potential moderators of the association between childhood anxiety and adolescent depression. We found that higher childhood anxiety predicted higher adolescent depression when children reported specific combinations of coping responses to family stress.
Allison Tidwell HDFS Mallory Lucier-Greer Choosing Helping Hands: Examining Patterns of Help-Seeking From Mental Healthcare Providers Among Soldiers Experiencing Stress Using data from 9,236 Soldiers who participated in the Army Study to Assess Risk and Resilience in Servicemembers, the current study describes patterns of past-year help-seeking from mental healthcare providers among active-duty Soldiers. Findings inform efforts to increase mental healthcare utilization by understanding who Soldiers turn to when experiencing stress.
Brian Gillis HDFS Mona El-Sheikh Who Can Afford to Sleep Poorly? Socioeconomic Status as a Moderator of Relations Between Sleep and Physical Health Sleep is associated with physical health, yet the effects of sleep on development may be not uniform given that both sleep and health vary systematically along SES gradients. To understand “for whom” sleep may be beneficial, we tested SES as a moderator of relations between youth sleep and physical health.
Ebony Robinson CADS Veena Chattaraman The Effects of Social Distance and Perceived Importance of Healthy Eating on Consumer Response to Healthier Food Products This study examined how social distance (thinking of self/children), perceived importance of eating healthily (low/high), and food packaging claim types (nutrient/health/control) impact consumer responses (attitudes and purchase intent) to healthier food products through a between-subjects online experiment with 171 U.S. adults from low-to-mid socio-economic households, with children living at home.
LE Parsons HDFS Josh Novak Dyadic Coping, Gender Minority Stress and Resilience, and Depressive Symptoms: A literature review This review examines the potential of dyadic coping as a buffer between gender minority stressors and depressive symptoms. Dyadic coping is a process of support among partners in response to individual or shared stressors and has shown promise as a moderating factor between other minority stressors and depressive symptoms.
Md Arafat Hossain CADS Amrut Sadachar Investigating consumers' intent to shop at Metaverse: A proposed agenda The term Metaverse is comprised of the prefix “meta” and “universe” indicating the imaginary linkage between the physical and digital world. Limited studies have been done on the Metaverse in retail settings. Therefore, this study proposed to borrow concepts of consumer experiences in the Metaverse context for future research.
Sheila Sjolseth HDFS Cory Cobb and Mallory Lucier-Greer Back-off Pressuring Schools: A Systemwide Structure to Meet the Child Mental Health Crisis School-based mental health (SBMH) programming intends to increase mental health services; however, the current structure cannot meet the rising need. This analysis reviewed the empirical literature on SBMH programming, COVID-19 stressors, and child mental health policies. Results call for a multi-tiered system, informed by experts across disciplines, and served by multi-sectors of the community.
Zeynep Su Altinoz HDFS Stephen Erath Matched and Mismatched Parental Support for Young Adolescents Experiencing Peer Stress The current study investigates whether adolescents’ reception of parental support is predicted by the match between the type of support they want and need and the type of support provided by their parents. Our findings supported the hypothesis that mismatches between parental support and adolescent motivation for support weaken reception.
Selim Bakir Hospitality Management Baker Ayoun The stress caused by the unwelcomed guest: Exploring the association between hotel employees’ human trafficking awareness and burnout Human trafficking is modern slavery and is acknowledged as a global crime. Hotels provide a venue for traffickers making this sector vulnerable to human trafficking crimes. Currently, hotels offer training to increase human - sex trafficking awareness. Staff are expected to detect, judge, and deal with such cases to help the victims, which causes extra stress for employees. There is not any known research examining the employee stress associated with the issue. The overarching purpose of this empirical study is to explore how hotel employees’ human trafficking familiarity and employee perceived probability of the trafficking affect employee burnout and ways to mitigate burnout via the moderating role of leadership support.