Graduate from Global Studies, Maggie Tennant, selected as student marshal for Auburn University’s spring 2023 commencement

Graham Brooks | Communications Editor

Maggie Tennant, a graduating senior in global studies within the College of Human Sciences from Auburn, has been selected to lead the Auburn University College of Human Sciences class of 2023 at this weekend’s spring commencement exercises on Friday and Saturday.

Tennant grew up in Auburn and started attending Auburn University as an honors student in 2019 as an exploratory major. After transferring to Global Studies she became very involved with the college, becoming a CHS ambassador in 2021 and traveling to Nashville as a representative of the college for the 2021 International Quality of Life Awards. Tennant has been involved with volunteering starting with her very first week at Auburn with the Honors Week of service. She has served as a shift leader of Auburn University's Campus Kitchen since her freshman year and has a strong belief that service is the best way to give back to her community. Tennant completed the Joseph S Bruno study abroad program in Italy in the fall of 2022.

“The Global Studies degree prepares you to interact with cultures around the world and be a problem solver for some of the biggest issues in the world today, such as climate change, the hunger crisis, and sustainable global infrastructure,” Tennant said. “I chose this degree because I want to be involved in global solutions.”

While she was studying abroad, she worked on global leadership skills and was able to apply her love of service to give back to the community in Italy where she stayed with the Elevate Ariccia project.

“I liked that here at Auburn I have been able to connect with so many talented, intelligent, hard-working, and creative individuals who have enriched my learning experience and helped me to grow as a person,” Tennant said.

Tennant is graduating with a bachelor’s degree in Global Studies in the College of Human Sciences with a minor in Environmental Design and Sustainability Studies.

Tennant will travel abroad in the fall, serving as an administrative intern with the Joseph S. Bruno Auburn Abroad in Italy program. She is actively preparing her application package for two highly prestigious awards, the Fulbright U.S. Student Program and the George J. Mitchell Scholarship and will seek a graduate degree in urban design.

“My career dreams involve working in the environmental design field to be able to shape the built environment so that people live more sustainable and satisfying lives,” Tennant said. “As a Global Studies student in the College of Human Sciences, I have learned about the importance of a strong quality of life, and I hope that what I can do in the world outside of Auburn will be productive in achieving the goal of strong quality of life for all.”

“Maggie exemplifies the mission of the College of Human Sciences, ‘to improve quality life,’” Director of Global Education Kate Thornton said. “Her commitment to using her skills and gifting are shown in her undergraduate research exploring hunger in America, her elevate Ariccia project that improved visibility of small businesses in the small town of Ariccia, and her capstone project helping the World Food Programme in Rome prepare their staff for a UN summit on Food Systems Pathways. In each endeavor, Maggie brought her best self to the table and contributed meaningfully to improving quality of life.”

The College of Human Sciences graduation ceremony will take place on Saturday, May 6, with three-time Olympic Gold Medalist Rowdy Gaines delivering the commencement address at the 6 p.m. ceremony at Neville Arena.

Additional information, including updates regarding inclement weather, is available on the commencement website, and information will be posted on the Facebook and Instagram accounts.

All ceremonies will be livestreamed, with recordings available on the commencement website following the weekend festivities, and graduates and their families are encouraged to check the website regularly for updated information.