Global Studies Grad Allison Tidwell Receives the Coveted President’s Award for the College of Human Sciences

Charlotte Tuggle | Communications Editor

Each year, the Auburn University President’s Award recognizes one outstanding student from each College for their academic excellence and extracurricular success. The spring 2020 recipient for the College of Human Sciences is Allison Tidwell, a recent graduate of the Global Studies in Human Sciences program.

“I am so incredibly honored to have been awarded the President’s Award from the College of Human Sciences administration, faculty and staff,” Tidwell said. “Human Sciences has been such a huge part of my life for the past three years, and I have poured my heart and soul into my coursework and involvement within the college. It is such a blessing to have that work and dedication validated by the men and women of Human Sciences. Now, I just hope I can continue on and make our community proud.”

Tidwell comes from a family of Auburn graduates. Her parents met at Auburn, and both she and her brother followed in their footsteps when it was time to choose a school. She enrolled in the Global Studies program in the College of Human Sciences because of its focus on solving real-world issues through practical solutions. She said the program has equipped her to succeed in a career helping others.

“Though I began my education at Auburn in a different field, I ultimately decided to shift gears and take on a new and exciting challenge as a student in Global Studies,” Tidwell said. “This major allowed me to take on new perspectives on key global issues and learn how to problem-solve in a multicultural environment, which will ultimately help me continue to pursue a career in which I may serve others as I have always dreamed of doing.”

During her undergraduate career, Tidwell served as a student ambassador, peer advisor and president of Kappa Omicron Nu, the College of Human Sciences honor society. In these roles, Tidwell said she was able to empower others while developing confidence for herself.

The experience that reinforced her feeling of belonging in the College, Tidwell said, was during the International Quality of Life Awards study tour. Students on the tour visit landmarks in New York City, hear from Auburn alumni and serve as student ambassadors during IQLA. Tidwell said this experience inspired her to take on greater challenges and continue to aid in the pursuit of quality of life for all.

This fall, Tidwell will continue her education in the College of Human Sciences.

“Through these experiences (and many more) as an Auburn student, I overcame my fears and found exactly where I belong,” Tidwell said. “I am very excited to begin my coursework for the master’s program in Human Development and Family Studies right here in Auburn beginning in August. My ultimate goal is to become a military family researcher and university lecturer, and I am confident that Auburn will continue to prepare me to achieve this goal as it has done for the past three years.”

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