Scott A. Ketring Ph.D.
Associate Professor & Director of Marriage and Family Therapy Program
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Mentoring Statement

Accepting new graduate students: Yes

Accepting new undergraduate students: Yes


Glanton House

Auburn University
312 Quad Dr
Auburn, AL 36849

(334) 844-4479




Fun Facts
Ph.D. Kansas State University Marriage & Family Therapy, 1999
M.S. Brigham Young University, Marriage & Family Therapy, 1996
B.S. Brigham Young University, Family Science, 1994
Research Interest
• Abuse & Neglect
• Family Processes
• Marriage & Family Therapy
• Marriage Education
• Trauma

2009   Nomination, Distinguished Service Award, AAMFT
2005   Auburn University Panhellenic Council Nominee, Outstanding Faculty
2003   Faculty Honoree, Camp War Eagle

Research Projects
MFT COR Project, 2012 – Present

  • Multi-site initiative (Auburn, UGA, UConn, BYU) to collect process and outcome research
  • Working together to advance our skills in methodological and statistical measurement of relational data
  • Coordinating comparison and control studies focusing on client change
  • Collaborating on the collection, coding, and evaluation of couple therapy physiological data

Marriage and Family Therapy Outcome Research - Oct 2002 – 2014

  • Collaborative effort to Establish Client Outcome Information at AU MFT clinic
  • Assessing the training effectiveness of marriage and family therapy interns
  • Continually developing a scientist practitioner model of training
  • Students focus on the measurement of client outcomes as a measure of therapist effectiveness
  • Measure supervision data in order to track the relationship between supervision and therapy outcomes

Alabama Community Healthy Marriage Initiative - Oct 2006 - 2014

  • Statewide outreach and research in cooperation with Family Resource Center Network
  • Promoting access to family life educational resources for Alabama citizens
  • Supporting healthy relationships, marriages, and stable families
  • Continuous Funding
Selected Publications
Lucier-Greer, M., Ketring, S., Adler-Baeder, F., & Smith, T. (2012). Malleability of gender role attitudes and gendered messages in relationship education. Family & Consumer Sciences Research Journal, 41, 4-17.

Parker, M., Johnson, L., & Ketring, S. (2012). Adult attachment and symptom distress: A dyadic analysis of couples in therapy. Journal of Family Therapy, 34, 321-344.

Lucier-Greer, M., Adler-Baeder, F., Ketring, S., Harcourt, K., & Smith, T. (2012). Comparing the experiences of couples in first marriages and remarriages in couple and relationship education. Journal of Divorce and Remarriage, 53, 55-75.

Wickrama, T., & Ketring, S. (2011). Change in the health of tsunami-exposed mothers three years after the natural disaster. International Journal of Social Psychiatry, 58, 278-88.

Porter, R., & Ketring, S. (2011). Contributing factors in the therapeutic alliance. Journal of Relationship and Couple Therapy, 10, 201-14.

Johnson, L., Ketring, S., & Anderson, S. (2010). The inter-session report: Development of a short questionnaire for couples therapy. American Journal of Family Therapy, 38 (3), 266-76.