Veena Chattaraman, Ph.D.
Professor & Director, Prosocial Design and Decision Science Lab
Veena Chattaraman headshot

301 Spidle Hall
Auburn, AL 36849

(334) 844-3258


Ph.D., The Ohio State University, 2006, Consumer Sciences
M.Des., University of Cincinnati, 2002, Design
Dr. Veena Chattaraman’s research goal encompasses consumer wellness through a Socially-conscious, Theoretically-grounded, Intervention-based, and Transformative (STIT) research approach. Her research program examines how prosocial technology, communications, and design impact consumer decisions and well-being. Her research areas include:
Design and evaluation of human-centered AI for electronic, mobile, and conversational commerce and
 health technology applications
Prosocial and pro-health consumer decision-making for healthy foods, and socially responsible products
  and communications
Neuroaesthetics and design for consumer well-being
Courses Taught
• Survey of Consumer and Design Sciences Research
• Aesthetics Theory
• Social Psychological Theories
• Aesthetics for Fashion
• Illustration Techniques for Apparel
• Consumer Decision Making for Apparel and Fashion Products
Selected Publications
Chattaraman, V., Kwon, W.-S., Gilbert, J., & *Ross, K. (2019). Should AI-based, conversational digital assistants employ social- or task-oriented interaction style? A task-competency and reciprocity perspective. Computers in Human Behavior, 90, 315-330.

Chattaraman, V., Kwon, W.-S., Gilbert, J. E., & *Li, Y. (2014). Virtual shopping agents: Persona effects for older users. Journal of Research in Interactive Marketing, 8(2), 144-162.

Chattaraman, V., Kwon, W.-S., & Gilbert, J. E. (2012). Virtual agents in retail websites: Benefits of simulated social interaction for older users. Computers in Human Behavior, 28, 2055-2066.

*Chakraborty, S., & Chattaraman, V.(2022). Acculturative stress and consumption-based coping strategies among first-generation Asian-Indian immigrants in the U.S. International Journal of Consumer Studies, 46, 831-849.

Banerjee, T., Chattaraman, V., *Zhou, H., & Deshpande, G. (2020). A neurobehavioral study on the efficacy of price interventions in promoting healthy food choices among low socioeconomic families. Nature Scientific Reports, 10(15435).

*Johnson, O., & Chattaraman, V. (2019). Conceptualization and measurement of Millennial’s self- and social-signaling for socially responsible consumption. Journal of Consumer Behavior, 18(1), 32-42.

*Seifert, C., & Chattaraman, V. (2020). A picture is worth a thousand words! How visual storytelling transforms the aesthetic experience of novel designs. Journal of Product and Brand Management, 29(7), 913-926.

Chattaraman, V., Deshpande, G., Kim, H.J., & *Sreenivasan, K.R. (2016). Form 'defines' function: Neural Connectivity between aesthetic perception and product purchase decisions in an fMRI study. Journal of Consumer Behavior, 15, 335-347.

*Wang, Y., Chattaraman, V., Kim, H., & Deshpande, G. (2015). Predicting purchase decisions based on spatio-temporal functional MRI features using machine learning. Transactions on Autonomous Mental Development, 7(3), 248-255.
Honors and Awards
• ITAA Paper of Distinction Award (2022) in Consumer Behavior Track
• Best Poster Award (2018) 20th International Conference on Human-Computer Interaction
• Best Poster Award for Faculty Engagement (2017) 18th Annual Engagement Scholarship Consortium
• Best Reviewer Award (2012), Clothing and Textiles Research Journal
• Winner of Research Competition on Innovation (2011), Marketing Science Institute
• Alumni Undergraduate Teaching Excellence Award (2011), Auburn University
• College of Human Sciences Women’s Philanthropy Board Faculty Award (2010), Auburn University
• ITAA Paper of Distinction Award (2010) in the Merchandising Visual Track (2010)
• ITAA Fairchild Publications Textile & Apparel Faculty Award (2007)