Estimated Costs
Required Estimated Cost
White lab coat
Black pants
White Polo Shirt
Black Baseball Cap
Slip-resistant closed toed shoes
TB Screen (Mantoux) (annually)
Hepatitis B Vaccine
Immunizations (if not UTD)
Flu Shot (annual)
Background Check
Drug Screen
Professional Liability and Experiential Learning Insurance
Name Tag
Transportation to field sites
Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics Student Membership
*Health Insurance (Auburn – United Healthcare) available if needed
Local District Dietetic Association Student Membership
State Association Meeting (registration and travel) Tuition

Note: Distance Students must attend orientation with on-campus students at Auburn University for the first week of orientation, Monday-Friday. The expense for this travel will depend on where the student lives, mode of travel, and housing and meal arrangements made by the student. There is no cost to attend the week of orientation held on campus, and all housing and meal arrangements must be made by the student. The second week of orientation will be conducted synchronously on the Zoom online platform.

Optional: Food and Nutrition Conference and Expo (FNCE); expense will depend on where student lives, where the conference is held, mode of transportation and housing arrangements made by the student. This event is not included in program fees.

*Health insurance is required; however, students already covered with health insurance may not need to purchase this policy.

Tuition and Fees

Dietetic Internship: The tuition for NTRI 7016 Advanced Practicum in Dietetics is $1000/credit hour. Nine credit hours are required to complete the supervised practice. The table below outlines costs based on the recommended plan of study.

Course Tuition and Fees Resident
on Campus
on Campus
NTRI 7016 Advanced Practicum in Dietetics
(ISPP Experience 9 credits)
Didactic Courses (required 25 credits)
TOTAL (estimated)



$15,250 *Auburn University sets all tuition rates

Financial Aid

The University's Office of Student Financial Services provides information on financial assistance to students. Additional information about tuition and fees can be found in the ISPP Student Handbook.