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During this month-long program on the 200-acre Vorovoro Island, students will stay in the home of a Mali villager, allowing them a first-hand look into authentic island life, cuisine, and culture. Students will have the opportunity to visit sugar cane and permaculture farms, engage with local Fijians in a collaborative community project, and gain first-hand knowledge to compare and contrast the wealth of tourists versus the life of an average Fijian. This program will stretch students’ perspectives on sustainability, globalization, economic development, climate change, natural resources management, eco-tourism, and consumerism.

Located in northern Fiji, Vorovoro is a remote island on the Cakaulevu Reef -- the world’s third longest reef. Known for being the gathering place for important tribal and governmental ceremonies, this 200-acre island is inhabited by Tui Mali (chief of Mali), his younger brother Poasa, and their extended family. The boundless natural beauty on this small piece of paradise can be found in its crystal-clear water, white sand, and tropical flora. Accessing the island requires a flight to the most rural part of Fiji followed by a stunning 40-minute boat ride from the mainland.

As part of this full-immersion experience, students will be surrounded by the culture, climate, and community spirit of Vorovoro. Bedding includes a mattress, pillow, sheets, and mosquito netting. Each vale, or private residence, is conveniently located near the kitchen, shower, and toilets.


Program suspended due to Covid19



All courses are taught in English.
Undergraduates will be registered for HUSC 5940 (6 credit hours)
or for HUSC 5940 (12 credit hours) if participating in the internship option
Graduate students will be registered for HUSC 6940 (6 credit hours)
Faculty Director: Kate Thornton


Estimated cost for this program:
Non-internship option: $5700
Internship option - $7000

Included in Program Costs: Tuition, lodging, some meals, Auburn University International Insurance (provided by United Healthcare Global), in-country transportation, class excursions, trip cancellation insurance.

Not Included in Program Costs: Auburn Aboard Placeholder Course Fee ($677), International Airfare (Approximately $2,500), meals not included in program fee, personal expenses (Approximately $500), miscellaneous expenses, and U.S. Passport and related fees.

$1000 non-refundable deposit (required with application)
*note this is a competitive program, if not accepted your deposit will be refunded.


If you do not have a passport: Please check for the nearest local passport office and forms. Application for a United States passport should be made at least 120 days in advance of your departure date. Auburn Abroad recommends that you apply for a passport as soon as you know you are participating in the program. If you already have a passport: Please check the expiration date. Passports should be valid for at least 6 months following your scheduled time abroad.

Visa Notice: Visa regulations are being reviewed and updated constantly. Please check with the Faculty Director of Program Provider regarding Visa requirements.



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