Student Timelines

Freshman Year:

  • Visit the Career Center to explore your career options
  • Schedule a job shadowing experience in the field of optometry
  • Become an associate member of AED and participate in the volunteer activities
  • Identify research opportunities on campus
  • Research optometry schools to be aware of specific requirements

Sophomore Year:

  • Continue obtaining job shadowing experience
  • Continue involvement with AED and strive to become a national member
  • Stay on track with your course requirements for optometry school
  • Volunteer on campus and in the community
  • Participate in mock interviews in March
  • Take practice OATs offered each semester

Junior Year:

  • Participate in the PPAC process, which begins in January
  • Continue to job shadow
  • Stay involved with AED
  • Begin OAT preparation by taking a review course or studying on your own
  • Take multiple practice OATs during spring semester
  • Participate in mock interviews in April
  • Take the OAT by the end of June
  • Apply to schools of interest the summer after your junior year

Senior Year:

  • Complete all secondary applications
  • Continue to achieve good grades
  • Interview
  • Graduate



Beneficial Auburn

• • •

Linda Bruner,
Pre-Health Advisor

Dr. Kevin Huggins,
Nutrition Science Undergraduate Coordinator,
Associate Professor of Nutrition Science

Alpha Epsilon Delta (AED)

Beverly Childress,
Pre-Health Director
of Pre-Professional Advisory Committee (PPAC)
College of Science and Mathematics