trash hung, not food
Let’s be the generation that ends food waste

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Awareness posts

• #Foodwaste is an irresponsible waste of energy and resources. Follow #summitsquared to learn about how you can #reducefoodwaste in your life
• Around 40% of food in the US goes to waste. This is unacceptable! Let’s #reducefoodwaste now! Follow #summitsquared to learn more!
• Universities have amazing resources to pull from in the fight against hunger #SummitSquared
• 1/9 people on Earth are hungry, yet 1.3 billion tons of food are wasted each year! Let’s #TrashHungerNotFood
• What is your campus doing to #TrashHungerNotFood? Let us know! #endfoodwaste
• Reducing food waste is essential to #endhunger and be #sustainable!
• Food waste = 45 trillion gallons of wasted water! #TrashHungerNotFood
• Do you know how much food YOU waste? I’m starting with the man in the mirror. #TrashHungerNotFood
• American households waste ¼ of the food they purchase. #savemoney #wasteless #TrashHungerNotFood

Toolkit promotion

• #TrashHungerNotFood is your guide to end campus food waste. Get your copy at
• How can we be #sustainable, #endhunger, and #savemoney? #TrashHungerNotFood! Learn more here:
• Want to make a difference and #endfoodwaste on your campus? Learn how with the #TrashHungerNotFood toolkit!
• How can you fight #foodwaste on your campus? Check out the #TrashHungerNotFood toolkit here:
• @campuskitchens and @ufwh joined forces, supported by @RockefellerFdn to create the Trash Hunger, Not Food guide to end #campusfoodwaste
• Join @campuskitchens and @ufwh to end #campusfoodwaste
• How can YOU become a campus food champion? Join @campuskitchens and @ufwh to learn how to Trash Hunger, Not Food

Video promotion

• Together, we can #TrashHungerNotFood! Shop smart and spread the word!
• Throughout history, students have been the voice demanding change. Stand up for what is right and #TrashHungerNotFood
• Why should we care about #foodwaste? It harms the economy and the environment! Let’s #TrashHungerNotFood!
• “Never underestimate the power of a collective student force!” #TrashHungerNotFood
• What can you do to #TrashHungerNotFood on your campus? Check out this video and share!
• We can #endhunger and #foodwaste in our lifetime and students can lead the way! Watch this video to learn how!



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Trash Hunger, Not Food: A Guide to End Food Waste on Campus