Accelerated BS/MS Program

This program is designed for current outstanding undergraduate students at Auburn University. Students in the Accelerated BS/MS program have the option to complete up to 9 credits of graduate-level courses during the senior year of their undergraduate program. Following graduation from the undergraduate program, the Accelerated BS/MS student will need to complete the remaining 24 credits (of the required 33 credit hours) within 1 year of graduation from the undergraduate program.


Benefits of the Program

Earn 9 credits toward Auburn's Master of Science degree program in Nutrition during your senior year by taking graduate level versions of required undergraduate courses.

Admissions Qualifications

  • Overall GPA: Minimum 3.40 (ungapped)
  • Undergrad credit hours: Minimum 45, Maximum 96; at least 24 earned at Auburn University
  • Grade of B or higher in NTRI 4820 and in NTRI 4830

Application DEADLINE: On or before May 1

Click to download the application form: ABM Application Form

Sample Accelerated Progression

(for graduate program) - only 9 credits will be counted towards graduate program

Senior Year - Fall semester
Register for In lieu of
  • NTRI 6820 - Nutrition in the Life cycle (3)
  • NTRI 6020 - Medical Nutrition I (4)
  • NTRI 5820
  • NTRI 5020
Senior Year - Spring semester
Register for In lieu of
  • NTRI 6030 - Medical Nutrition II (4)
  • Schedule GRE test-date*
  • NTRI 5030

*Graduate Record Exam (GRE): This is required for admission to Graduate School. Visit www.ets.org/gre. Apply early in the Spring of Senior Year for Fall admission to the MS program in Nutrition. To apply, visit www.grad.auburn.edu.

Sample class schedule:

(Year following admission to MS program in Nutrition)

Fall semester Spring semester Summer semester
  • NTRI 7530: Human Nutrient Metabolism (4)
  • NTRI 7500: Minerals (3)
  • ERMA 7300: Design and Analysis in Education I (3)
  • NTRI 7050: Methods of Research (2)
  • NTRI 7980 or 7990: Research (1)
  • NTRI 7510: Vitamins (3)
  • NTRI 7520: Macronutrients (4)
  • NTRI 7850: Research Seminar (1)
  • NTRI 7980 or 7990: Research (2)
Register for
  • Elective (3) (required for non-thesis program)
  • NTRI 7980 Research (2)

Note: Admission into the Accelerated Program does not guarantee admission into the Graduate Program the following year; Admission into the Graduate Program requires an excellent academic record as well as satisfactory scores on the Graduate Record Examination (GRE) and outstanding letters of recommendation. The thesis option for the Master's degree program in nutrition requires 30 credit hours, and the non-thesis option for the Master's degree program in nutrition requires 33 credit hours.

ABM Program Policies:

An Auburn University undergraduate student officially admitted and enrolled in an approved Accelerated Bachelor's/Master's degree plan (ABM) may register for graduate courses that are listed as required or elective courses in the student's ABM plan. Similarly, students officially admitted and enrolled in the Honors College may enroll in a limited number of graduate courses. A maximum of nine hours (in a 30-hour master's program) or 12 hours (in a 36-hour or more master's program) may be counted towards both degrees, provided that a grade of B or higher is achieved on all courses used for graduate credit. No courses may be counted for both undergraduate and graduate credit in a program in which the double counting of courses is prohibited by an accrediting agency. The total course load taken at the time the undergraduate student is in a graduate course may not exceed 16 semester hours per semester.

How to Apply for Admission to ABM Program

  • Meet with a departmental advisor to discuss program requirements
  • Submit departmental application materials (as required).
  • After departmental acceptance, complete the Graduate ABM program (including all approvals) and return it to the Graduate School grad.auburn.edu/abm_application.pdf

Continuation and Graduation Requirements

  • Maintain a cumulative GPA of 3.40 or higher
  • Earn a grade of B (3.0) or higher on all double-counted, graduate level courses
  • Complete the degree requirements within time limits set by the Graduate School and the degree-granting program

Application for Admission to Graduate School

Students generally will take the GRE and apply for admission to Graduate School at the beginning of the senior year. Students should contact the department for application deadlines as departmental deadlines are often much earlier than the Graduate School's application deadline. Students must complete the bachelor's degree, be admitted to the Graduate School and the degree program before entering the master's degree program. Admission into the ABM program does not guarantee admission into the Graduate School. Students must still apply for admission to the Graduate School (including submitting the Graduate School application, paying the application fee, and providing transcripts and standardized test scores as required) by the prescribed deadline.

Withdrawal from the ABM Program

Students may withdraw voluntarily from the ABM program at any time. Students must notify, in writing, the graduate program officer and the coordinator/director of undergraduate studies in their respective departments. A copy of the request to withdraw from the program should be sent to the Dean of the Graduate School. Students who withdraw from the program voluntarily or because they do not meet program requirements will not be awarded graduate credit for double-counted courses.

Contact Information

Ramesh Jeganathan, Ph.D.
Graduate Program Director
Department of Nutrition, Dietetics, and Hospitality Management
101F Poultry Science Building, 260 Lem Morrison Dr.,
Auburn University, AL 36849-5606
E: jeganrb@auburn.edu
O: (334) 844-3840