Will Rentschler

Class of 2007

Will Rentschler was born in Atlanta, Georgia and graduated from Auburn University in 2007 with a degree in Hotel and Restaurant Management. After completing his degree he applied for and was accepted into the Management Training program at The Hotel at Auburn University where he worked in both Restaurant and Banquet operations. During his tenure with Capella Hotel Group Will has participated in the opening of four Capella hotels; Capella Pedregal, Capella Ixtapa, Capella Telluride and Capella Washington D.C., Georgetown as well as two years at Capella Singapore. Will currently resides in Washington D.C. as Food & Beverage manager of Capella Washington D.C., Georgetown.

Career Highlights

Operations Manager-Leadership Development Program
October 2007-December 2009 Capella Hotel Group, Auburn, AL

Food & Beverage Manager
December 2009-December 2011, Capella Hotel Group, Singapore

Director of Food & Beverage
December 2011-February 2013 Capella Hotel Group, Virginia Beach, VA

Food & Beverage Manager
February 2013-Current Capella Hotel Group, Washington D.C.

Interview with Will Rentschler

I've always enjoyed cooking and being in the kitchen. At one point I was trying to decide whether or not to go to culinary school after completing my degree in hospitality from Auburn. I think this all goes back to having a family that enjoys entertaining and spending time with each other and the kitchen being the focal point for most of that. I've always felt natural and comfortable as a host.

It never cross my mind until a very good friend was speaking with me about his introductory classes and how much he enjoyed them. I signed up for the introductory class the following semester and really enjoyed the professor and the course material. After that I never really looked back.

It has given me a very well rounded perspective on the entire industry, not just hotels. The majority of my day is spent working with Food & Beverage but with the course work at Auburn I'm able to contribute and understand the other facets of the hotel.

Know and love what you are doing. If you enjoy working with many different and talented individuals and also working in a dynamic and sometimes high stress environment comes naturally to you then you have the base for a very successful career. The hours and commitment required to be successful are long but in the end the final result is always very rewarding.

Be open to change and get out of your comfort zone. I was presented with an opportunity to move to Singapore after completing my MIT program and although difficult to decide to move that far from home, it completely opened my eyes to how the hospitality industry operates in different parts of the world. Although the transition was at some times challenging, in the end it was probably the best move I could have made with my career.

It's very difficult to give a specific moment but I would say that the most rewarding thing is continually being able to work with the best and most talented individuals in this business on a daily basis. Also working with your staff and helping them to grow and achieve their goals.

At the time when I was going through my introductory classes, I was lucky enough to have several gentlemen from the corporate office as interim professors for the class. I was very intrigued by their outlook on hospitality and their passion. Once I started working with them at The Hotel at Auburn University I felt that if I moved onto a different company after graduating that I would be consistently pushing their outlook and philosophy and also missing out on an opportunity to be a part of something very special.

Be very open to opportunities that are presented to you and know that any experience you take on is an opportunity to show somebody that you can succeed with whatever task you are given. Although it may not have been the exact opportunity you were hoping for, you should still be grateful that your superiors think you're deserving of more responsibility.