Wendy Troop-Gordon Ph.D.

Wendy Troop-Gordon Ph.D.

Associate Professor
Ph.D., University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, 2002
(334) 844-3173 | 203 Spidle Hall

Selected Publications:

(Please see Curriculum Vitae for full list)
Hopmeyer, A., Troop-Gordon, W., Medovoy, T., & Fischer, J. (in press). Emerging adutls’ self-identified peer crowd affilations and college adjustment. Social Psychology of Education.

Kwan, M. Y., Gordon, K. H., Minnich, A. M., Carter, D. L., & Troop-Gordon, W. (in press). Peer victimization and eating disorder symptoms in college students. Journal of Social and Clinical Psychology.

Lansu, T. A. M., & Troop-Gordon, W. (in press). Affective associations with negativity: Why popular peers attract youths’ visual attention. Journal of Experimental Child Psychology.

Minnich, A. M., Gordon, K. H., Kwan, M. Y., & Troop-Gordon W. (in press). Examining the mediating role of alexithymia in the association between childhood neglect and disordered eating behaviors in mean and women. Psychology of Men & Masculinity.

Sugimura, N., Berry, D., Troop-Gordon, W., & Rudolph, K. D. (in press). Early social behaviors and the trajectory of peer victimization across the school years. Developmental Psychology.

Troop-Gordon, W., Gordon, R. D., Vogel-Ciernia, L., Ewing Lee, E., & Visconti, K. J. (in press). Visual attention to dynamic scenes of ambiguous provocation and children’s aggressive behavior. Journal of Clincal Child and Adolescent Psychology.

Troop-Gordon, W., & Erath, S. A. (in press). Peer victimization and neurobiological models: Building toward comprehensive developmental theories. Merrill-Palmer Quarterly.

Troop-Gordon, W. (2017). Peer victimization in adolescence: The nature, progression, and consequences of being bullied within a developmental context. Journal of Adolescence, 55, 116-128.

Troop-Gordon, W., Sugimura, N., & Rudolph, K. D. (2017). Responses to interpersonal stress: Normative changes across childhood and the impact of peer victimization. Child Development, 88, 640-657.

Rudolph, K. D., Miernicki, M. E., Troop-Gordon, W. Davis, M. M., & Tezler, E. H. (2016). Adding insult to injury: Neural sensitivity to social exclusion is associated with internalizing symptoms in chronically peer-victimized girls. Social Cognitive and Affective Neuroscience, 11, 829-842.