Joe F. Pittman, Jr. Ph.D.

Joe F. Pittman, Jr. Ph.D.

Professor & Head
Ph.D., University of Georgia, 1984
(334) 844-4151 | 203 Spidle Hall

Dissertations Directed as Major Professor:

Amber L. Paulk
Dissertation: Romantic relationship attachment and identity style as predictors of adolescent interpersonal competence: A mediation model

Rhonda R. Buckley
Dissertation: The relationships between conflict, marital satisfaction and couples' time spent in joint activity

Lisa Taylor
Dissertation:Negative adult romantic relationship experiences and working models of self and other

Tom Phillips
Dissertation: Identity formation in poor adolescents: Exploring the relationship between the developmental milieu of poverty and the primary task of adolescence

Karin Bartoszuk
Dissertation:The influence of family structure and family functioning on identity development

Wendy Kallina Knighton
Dissertation: Effectiveness of an intervention program for DUI (driving under the influence) offenders

Bryan Baird Korth
Dissertation: Children's involvement in housework: The impact of structural and relational variables

Wei Teng
Dissertation: Assessing the work-family interface: An empirical test of a new measure of work-family fit

Theses Directed as Major Professor:

Hans Saint-Eloi Cadely
Thesis: The role of identity styles and academic possible selves on academic outcomes for high school students

Amber L. Paulk
Thesis: Sex role orientation as a predictor of women's identity statuses, identity styles, priorities, and time use

Elizabeth Cook
Thesis: To spank or not to spank: The long-term externalizing behavior effects of corporal punishment of children

Lisa Taylor
Thesis: Motivations and justifications for aggression used within the context of intimate relationships

Scott Eugene Bair
Thesis: Couples perceptions of fairness in the allocation of housework

Chih Yuan (Steven) Lee
Thesis: Study of differentiation between different types of child and spouse abuse: An exploratory study

Paul Delbert Otto
Thesis: The allocation of housework: Yesterday, today, and tomorrow

Carol Diana Pate
Thesis: Evaluation of the family advocacy program's spouse abuse intervention services

Zoe Trifilio
Thesis: The moderating effects of age, gender and race on the relations between parental love, parental support, parental control and adolescent delinquency

Angela Christy Smith
Thesis: From snapshots to moving pictures: Toward a dynamic view of time allocations to housework

Diane Kathryne Koehl Rice
Thesis: Employees' perceptions of factors that affect fit between work and family

Michael Jeremy Perkins
Thesis: Challenging the additive model of adolescent delinquency

David Nathan Krasenbaum
Thesis: Employer and employee attitudes about work and family: A perspective from mall business

David Chapman Blanchard
Thesis: The effects of patterns of work history and timing of marriage on the division of labor: A life-course perspective

H. Ellis Carpenter, Jr.
Thesis: The effect of relative time expenditures in family and employment tasks upon spouses' satisfaction with the household maintenance role: An analysis of relevant theoretical models

Tracie Lynn Hightower
Thesis: Parental, peer, and juvenile's alcohol and substance use/abuse and their relations with violent and nonviolent juvenile delinquency

Rachel Dawkins
Thesis: Testing accuracy of body size estimation among boys