Undergraduate Mentoring for Graduate School FAQs

  1. Who can participate?
  2. Why should you participate?
  3. Who are the mentors?
  4. How can I participate?
  5. Questions?

  1. Who can participate?
  2. The HDFS Undergraduate Mentoring Program for Graduate School is open to all HDFS majors Freshman through Senior year. You do not need to be certain about attending graduate school, and it is okay if you are considering graduate school somewhere other than Auburn University. The program is open to students with a wide range of graduate school interests, such as counseling, social work, psychology, education, law, and human development/family studies, to name just a few.

  3. Why should you participate?
  4. One reason is because you will learn more about graduate school. Have you ever wondered if graduate school is right for you? Are you unsure about where to go to graduate school? Do you want to understand more about how to apply to graduate school? If so, the mentoring program is for you! A second reason to get involved is because graduate school is rapidly becoming a requirement for entry-level positions and advancement in many professional fields. You will learn ways to maximize your undergraduate experience to successfully prepare for graduate school. In short, getting involved in the mentoring program will give you a competitive edge!

  5. Who are the mentors?
  6. The mentors are experienced, talented, and enthusiastic HDFS graduate students. Some are former AU-HDFS majors! Mentoring will take place through one-on-one and group meetings, shadowing of typical graduate school activities, and other experiences mutually arranged. You and your graduate student mentor will work out your own meeting schedule.

  7. How can I participate?
  8. First, you must be willing to make a commitment to the graduate school mentoring program for one semester. To get the most out of the experience, you must be dependable in meeting with your mentor and attending the group mentoring meetings, and you must be open to learning as much as possible from your experience. Next, read through the Mentor Bios posted on the HDFS site. Consider your interests and the interests of the graduate student mentors and select your top two or three choices for a mentor (the person you think you would like to be matched with and meet with during the semester). Once you have made your selection, complete the mentee application and get it to Adam Greer either through email adamgreer@auburn.edu or by dropping it off at his office (206-D Spidle Hall). Deadlines for each semester will be sent via email through the HDFS listserv and posted in the undergraduate area in 206 Spidle Hall.

  9. Questions?
  10. If you have questions and/or want to learn more about the mentoring program, please contact Adam Greer 206-D Spidle Hall or adamgreer@auburn.edu.