Kyle L. Kostelecky Photo

Kyle L. Kostelecky, PhD, CFLE

Assistant Dean for Extension
Ph.D., Iowa State University, 1997
(334) 844-3231| 334C Spidle Hall

Research Projects:

The Military Families Learning Network
Kostelecky, K. L. (PI), Baughman, S. (Co-PI)

This project is a Legacy Program with The Office of the Deputy Undersecretary of Defense Military Community and Family Policy in cooperation with the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) National Institute of Food and Agriculture within the DoD/USDA Extension Military Partnership. It is an integral part of the DoD Family Readiness System, serving as a primary location and resource for the highest quality and most valuable engagement, education, networking and professional development for military family service professionals.

The Military Families Learning Network (MFLN) mission is to serve military family service professionals by connecting them to research and the Cooperative Extension System (CES) making use of the highest quality, best practices, research- and evidence-based information, educational and curriculum materials, and programming activities and efforts.

Goals include:

  1. Meet specific professional development needs of the military family service professionals in the areas of personal finance, family development including early intervention for families with or at risk for special needs, military caregiving including families with lifespan special needs, network literacy, family transitions, nutrition and wellness, and community capacity building;
  2. Creating engaged online communities; and
  3. Strengthen the understanding of and skill level in using technology in the online work environment.

Key brief objectives include:

  • Strengthen capacity of military family service professionals through development, coordination, marketing, and delivery of relevant online professional development trainings, and educational programs.
  • Create an active community of military family service professionals by providing opportunities, in a shared online space, to build professional relationships.
  • Enhance and grow existing Concentration Areas to meet relevant, immediate, and emerging needs of military family service professionals maintaining high quality programming.
  • Generate opportunities for all military family service professionals to engage, discover resources, and collaborate around the MFLN in a wide range of research- and evidence-based, best practices offerings.
  • Create, implement, and expand a strong awareness of MFLN professional development opportunities focusing on using social media strategies in the teaching and learning environment.
  • Identify, develop, and improve resources and content, to include Virtual Learning Events, addressing priority issues of military and non-military communities, in delivery methods that address efficient and effective training and delivery.