Scott A. Ketring, Ph.D.

Scott A. Ketring, Ph.D.

Associate Professor
Ph.D., Kansas State University, 1999
(334) 844-4479 | Glanton House

Dissertations Directed as Major Professor:

Edward Martinelli
Dissertation: Paternal role development and acquisition in fathers of preterm infants: A qualitative study

Masters Theses Directed as Major Professor

Esperanza Hobby
Thesis: Social desirability, formation of the therapeutic alliance, and dyadic adjustment in couples therapy

Shayden Bertagnolli
Thesis: Couple satisfaction and symptom distress: What to look for when forming an alliance

Camilla Beckstead
Thesis: One happy island: Assessing preferences and needs for marriage and relationship education in Aruba

Laura Long
Thesis: Therapist effectiveness, the therapeutic alliance, and change in couple therapy: An exploratory study

Catherine Walker
Thesis: The effect of demographic variables on therapy alliance in couple therapy controlling for relationship adjustment and symptom distress

Robert Porter
Thesis: Client symptom distress, stage of change, and the therapeutic alliance in couple therapy

Mikael Gray
Thesis: Therapeutic alliance as a mediating factor between couple expectancy and therapeutic outcome

Melissa Stephens
Thesis: Marital adjustment as a mediating factor between symptom distress and therapeutic alliance in couples therapy

Austin Houghtaling
Thesis: The clinical experience of therapists in a training program as a predictor of the therapy alliance, client dropouts, and duration of therapy.

Meetika Jindal
Thesis: Amount and quality of supervision as moderating factors between couple therapeutic alliance and change in couple therapy

Carmella Sheppard
Thesis: Timing of first sexual intercourse in rural African American and Caucasian adolescent females as a mediating factor in behavior problems, reasons to have sex, and suicide ideation

Hollie Whechel
Thesis: Therapeutic alliance as a mediating factor between couple attachment and therapeutic outcome.

Conar Rochford
Thesis: Therapeutic foster care efficacy: A program evaluation of therapeutic programs, Inc.

Keving Wimbish
Thesis: Symptom distress as a moderating factor between couple attachment and therapeutic alliance

Paul Springer
Thesis: Timing of initial sexual intercourse as a mediating factor between white and black rural adolescents’ sexual attitudes and sense of self

Tony Capers
Thesis: The relationship of income and the therapeutic alliance on symptom distress for mothers, fathers, and adolescents participating in family therapy

Brian Higginbotham
Thesis: The association between adult attachment styles, religiosity, and courtship violence experienced by females