Jennifer L. Kerpelman, Ph.D.

Jennifer L. Kerpelman, Ph.D.

Professor & Associate Dean for Research and Graduate Studies
Ph.D., Auburn University, 1994
(334) 844-3791 | 210 Spidle Hall

Selected Publications:

Kerpelman, J. L., McElwain, A.D.*, Pittman, J.F., & Adler-Baeder, F. (2013). Engagement in risky sexual behavior: Adolescents’ perceptions of self and the parent-child relationship matter, Journal of Youth and Society. Online DOI: 10.1177/0044118X13479614

Pittman, J. F., Kerpelman, J. L., Soto, J. R.*, & Adler-Baeder, F. M. (2012). Identity exploration in the dating domain: The role of attachment dimensions and parenting practices. Journal of Adolescence, 35, 1485- 1499.

Kerpelman, J.L., Pittman, J. F., Saint-Eloi Cadely, H.*, Tuggle, F. J.*, Harrell-Levy, M. K.*, & Adler-Baeder, F. M. (2012). Identity and intimacy during adolescence: Connections among identity styles, romantic attachment and identity commitment. Journal of Adolescence, 35, 1427-1439.

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Saint-Eloi Cadely, H.*, Pittman, J. F., Kerpelman, J. L., & Adler-Baeder, F. (2011). The role of identity styles and academic possible selves on academic outcomes for high-school students. Identity: An International Journal of Theory and Research, 11, 267-288.

Eryigit, S.*, & Kerpelman, J. L. (2011). Cross-cultural investigation of the link between identity processing styles and identity formation behaviors. Child and Youth Care Forum, 40, 43-64.

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Kerpelman, J. L., Pittman, J. F., & Adler-Baeder, F. (2008). Identity as a moderator of intervention-related change: Identity style and adolescents' responses to relationships education. Identity: An International Journal of Theory and Research, 8, 151-171.

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Kerpelman, J. & White, L.* (2006). Interpersonal identity and social capital: The importance of commitment for low income, rural African American adolescents. Journal of Black Psychology, 32, 219-242.

(*denotes student co-author)