Margaret K. Keiley, Ph.D.

Margaret K. Keiley, Ph.D.

Professor of HDFS
Ed.D., Harvard University, 1996
(334) 844-4151 | Center for Health Ecology and Equity Research

Research Projects:

Intervention-Focused Research:

The Multiple Family Group Intervention (MFGI) with adolescents who have sexually-offended and their families. Interested students, my research assistants, and I conduct this intervention program that I developed and tested for use with adjudicated families. We help family members develop new and more useful attachment and affect regulation strategies.

Mechanisms of Change Project: Connected to the MFGI, we study the mechanisms that are involved in the change events that occur in families, couples, and individuals in the MFGI. Although basic research on affect regulation as important in maintaining functional relationships has been conducted, little, if any, research has examined changes in affect regulation as predictors of change in difficult and dysfunctional changes.

Theory-Focused Research:

Physiological and contextual influences effects on children's sleep and developmental outcomes: With Drs. El-Sheikh, Buckhalt, Erath.

Longitudinal collegiate study of body composition/size and related environmental, behavioral and psychological factors: Obesity Implications. A cross-department study with Drs.Gropper, Connell, Simmons, Ulrich, and Zizza.