Margaret K. Keiley, Ph.D.

Margaret K. Keiley, Ph.D.

Professor of HDFS
Ed.D., Harvard University, 1996
(334) 844-4151 | Center for Health Ecology and Equity Research

Dissertations Directed as Major Professor:

Auburn University

Cassandra Kirkland
Dissertation: 2012 “Father involvement in context: The effects of fathers’ intergenerational, psychological, and relational functioning on children’s development.” 2011 NCFR Graduate Student Award.
Present Position: Assistant Professor, Mississippi State University

Ashley Anders
Dissertation: 2014 Paper 1: “Predicting divorce risk by marital satisfaction, sexual satisfaction, and conflict frequency over 20 years of marriage” Paper 2: “Associations among marital satisfaction, sexual satisfaction, conflict frequency, and divorce risk from 1980 to 2000”

Purdue University

Gunnur Karakurt
Dissertation: 2008 “Paths to intimate relationship aggression: Interplay among individual, social, and relationship factors” 2009 Outstanding New Professional Award International Family Therapy Association
Current position: Assistant Professor, Case Western University

Andrea Wittenborn
Dissertation: 2007 “The relation of maternal depression and marital quality to children and adolescents perceived attachment: A multiple domain growth analysis” 2007 Compton Award for Outstanding Doctoral Student
Current position: Assistant Professor, Virginia Tech University

Natashia Robbins
Dissertation: 2007 “A longitudinal investigation of change in maternal depression, parenting practices, and child attachment”
Current position: Research Associate Professor, Michigan State University

Tony Faber
Dissertation: 2006 “Early adolescent adjustment following a marital transition: A growth model analysis”
2006 Compton Award for Outstanding Doctoral Student
Current position: Associate Professor, Southeast Missouri State University

Janet Canino
Dissertation: 2005 “Using survival analysis to explore the relationship among attachment theory, religiosity, and sexual initiation”
Current position: Therapist, Indiana

Chunhong Zhang
Dissertation: 2005 “A dispositional perspective on work-family spillover for dual-earner couples: The role of elements of attachment, state affect, and social support”
Current position: Research Associate, New York, NY

Jennifer Graf Benning
Dissertation: 2004 “Children's academic achievement at school: Socioeconomic status, teacher-child relationship, home environment, and parental beliefs”

Megan Dolbin-McNab
Dissertation: 2004 “Attachment relationships in grandparent-headed families: Predicting family functioning and grandchild adjustment” 2004 Compton Award for Outstanding Doctoral Student
Current position: Associate Professor, Virginia Tech University

Zanita Zody
Dissertation: 2004 “Risk factors for eating disturbances: A meta-analysis”
Current position: Owner of Haus Boutique, Sonoma, CA

Jennifer Koenig Nelson
Dissertation: 2003 “Impact of having a child with an Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) on couple's marriage”
Current position: Associate Professor, Friends University

Ting Liu
Dissertation: 2003 “A longitudinal evaluation of Emotionally-Focused Therapy training in Taiwan”
Current position: Assistant Professor, Kean University

Ursula Pietsch Saqui
Dissertation: 2003 “Predictors of research productivity and research-related career goals among marriage and family therapy doctoral students”
Current position: Researcher, Saqui Research, LLC, Crown Point, IN

Susan Takigiku
Dissertation: 2003 “Longitudinal analysis of a couple-focused treatment for drug-abusing women: The impact of therapy on drug use and perceptions of relationship quality”
Current position: Associate Professor, Univeristy of Arkansas

Mary Dankowski
Dissertation: 2002 “Understanding the cycle of violence: A risk and resilience model of men's perpetration of violent crime” 2002 Compton Award for Outstanding Doctoral Student
Current position: Associate Professor, Indiana Univeristy Medical School, Indianapolis, IN

Miriam Hill
Dissertation: 2001 “How influence and satisfaction with influence in decision-making affect marital conflict tactics: A multi-group cross-domain growth analysis” 2002 Compton Award for Outstanding Doctoral Student
Current position: Researcher and therapist, Seattle, WA

Mary Ann Rombach
Dissertation: 2001 “Covision: A quest for inner expertise”
Current position: Therapist, Canada

Tina Timm
Dissertation: 1999 “The effects of differentiation of self, adult attachment, and sexual communication on sexual and marital satisfaction: A path analysis”
Current position: Associate Professor, Michigan State University

Master’s Theses Directed as Major Professor:

Auburn University

Milira Cox
Thesis: 2014: “Are adolescent sex offenders’ peer relationship related to attachment to parents? Does adaptive and maladaptive emotion regulation mediate that

Raven Pyle
Thesis: 2014 “Children’s internalizing, externalizing, and sexualized behavior, and social competence as predicted by maternal level of depression: Are these relationships moderated by mother’s sexual abuse history and children’s sex?”

Aubrey Ryan
Thesis: “Effects of couples’ anxiety and avoidance on physical health symptoms.”

Shauna Staranko
Thesis: “Mental and physical health of mothers and children: Does maltreatment matter?”

Suzanne Cooper
Thesis: “Is the level of weight gain during college freshmen’s first semester related to changes in the regulation of food, strength training, and appearance satisfaction during the second semester?”

Ali Zaremba
Thesis: 2009 “The effect of affect regulation on the relationship between attachment and internalizing/externalizing behavior problems in male adolescents who have sexually offended”

Katherine Efstration
Thesis: 2009 “The effect of depressotypic attributions on marital satisfaction as mediated by spousal support and moderated by length of marriage in mothers of children with autism spectrum disorders”

Courtney Pearce
Thesis: 2009 “Daughter-to-father attachment, daughter-to-mother attachment, and emotion regulation”

Ashley Anders
Thesis: 2008 “Sexual communication anxiety, attachment, relationship satisfaction, and sexual satisfaction in Auburn University undergraduates”

Cassandra Kirkland
Thesis: 2008 “The effects of African-American's attitudes/beliefs about marriage on their desire to marry”

Jacob Nishida
Thesis: 2007 “Attachment, symptom distress, and therapeutic alliance”

Pei-Ju Liao
Thesis: 2006 “Longitudinal Relations between Marital Aggression and Alcohol Problems”

Purdue University

Andrea Wittenborn
Thesis: 2005 “An attachment and affect regulation intervention for premarital couples”

Heather Wenz
Thesis: 2004 “The relationship between parental attachment, family involvement, and college student adjustment”

Janet Canino
Thesis: 2003 “The relationships among age at first sexual intercourse, number of sexual partners, duration of first sexual relationship, and attachment style”

Kimberly Seaton
Thesis: 2003 “Sexual satisfaction and self objectification for adults with and without sexual disorders”

David Robbins
Thesis: 2002 “Children's early academic adjustment: An investigation of factors associated with changes in achievement and school attitudes during the first two years of school”

Natashia Robbins
Thesis: 2002 “Adolescent conduct disorder: Exploration of a theoretical model”

Megan Dolbin-McNab
Thesis: 1999 “Emotional support and sexual communication: Predictors of sexual and marital satisfaction”