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HDFS Undergraduate Internship Guide

General Guidelines
Students are responsible for initiating and completing the process of securing an approved internship and ensuring that all course prerequisites are met. Before beginning the internship, students must complete all Required HDFS Courses and HDFS Professional Concentration Courses, earn a grade of C or better in all Required HDFS 3000‐ and 4000‐level Major Core courses, and achieve an overall 2.25 ungapped GPA.  Students will not be allowed to enroll in any additional coursework during their internship semester.

Deadlines for submitting the Internship Application and the Internship Commitment Form are March 15, June 15, and October 15. No exceptions.

  • The Internship Application materials must be submitted two semesters in advance of the semester you intend to complete internship. Applications can be found online at http://www.humsci.auburn.edu/hdfs/ugrad-internships.php.
  • The Internship Commitment materials must be submitted one semester prior to the semester you intend to complete your internship.
  • If the notification date of a desired internship does not correspond with the Internship Commitment deadline, the student is responsible notifying the Internship Director by email (anderja@auburn.edu) in advance. Students will not be allowed to begin their internship without having clearing letters from the ABI and FBI on file with the HDFS department office in 203 Spidle Hall. It is the student’s responsibility to ensure that the required ABI and FBI clearing letters are on file with the HDFS office prior to the start of internship.

Steps to an Approved Internship

  1. During the first semester of your junior year, meet with your academic faculty advisor to discuss tentative plans for internship, including your internship interest area, your progress in meeting course prerequisites, and developing a timeline for completing the requirements.
  2. Before the end of the first semester of your junior year, meet with a College of Human Sciences Academic Advisor in 266 Spidle Hall to complete a Senior Credit Check.
  3. Two semesters in advance of the semester you expect to intern:
    a. Attend the Mandatory Internship Orientation meeting. Mandatory means you must attend.
    b. Turn in your completed Internship Application and a recent Senior Credit Check to the HDFS Internship Director by the application deadline.  Incomplete Internship Applications will not be accepted.
  4. Arrange to interview at least three prospective internship sites to discuss potential placement. Bring a copy of your resume and the handouts provided at the mandatory orientation meeting to the interviews. In selecting an internship site, consider your career objectives as well as the quality of experience and mentoring you are likely to receive from the site. Your internship placement must be compatible with your HDFS Professional Concentration.
  5. Before you reach a final agreement with an agency about your internship, meet with the HDFS Internship Director to discuss approval of the placement.  You must submit the Internship Commitment Form and the signed Student Internship Agreement to the Internship Director by the appropriate deadline. Notify sites you interviewed but did not select that you will not be working with them for your internship.
  6. After the HDFS Internship Director receives your commitment form and intern agreement, an Agreement of Cooperation and evaluation materials will be sent to your site. You may not begin your placement until the Agreement of Cooperation is signed by representatives of both the HDFS department and the internship site, and the HDFS Internship Director has received the signed agreement.
  7. One semester before you complete your internship, you must attend a Mandatory Internship Preparation meeting. Course requirements will be reviewed. You also must obtain your HDFS Internship Badge prior to starting your internship. If your site has a badge they require you to wear, inform the HDFS Internship Director.
  8. You are required to complete a minimum of 30 on‐site hours per week during Fall and Spring semesters and a minimum 45 hours per week during Summer semester for a minimum of 450 on‐site hours.  You also are required to be at the internship site for the total number of weeks of the semester in which you are enrolled.
  9. The Mandatory Internship Orientation and Preparation meetings will be held during Fall and Spring semesters only. Plan ahead. You are responsible for being familiar with and adhering to all internship requirements. You are strongly advised to keep copies of all internship paperwork.