Mallory Lucier-Greer Ph.D.

Mallory Lucier-Greer Ph.D.

Associate Professor
Ph.D., Auburn University, 2012
(334) 844-3230 | 203 Spidle Hall

Selected Publications:

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*Indicates that the author was a graduate student at the time of submission
+Indicates that the author was an undergraduate student at the time of submission

Lucier-Greer, M., Birney, A., Gutierrez, T., & Adler-Baeder, F. (in press). Enhancing relationship skills and couple functioning with mobile technology: An evaluation of the Love Every Day mobile intervention. Journal of Family Social Work.

*Duncan, J. M., Killian, T. S., & Lucier-Greer, M. (2017). Leisure, relatedness, & ill-being among older adults in long-term care. Activities, Adaptation & Aging. Advanced online publication. doi: 10.1080/01924788.2017.1326764

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Oehme, K., *Ferraro, A. J., Stern, N., *Panisch, L. S., & Lucier-Greer, M. (2017). Trauma- informed co-parenting: How a shift in compulsory divorce education to reflect new brain development research can promote both parents’ and children’s best interest. University of Hawaiʻi Law Review, 39, 37-73.

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O'Neal, C. W., Lucier-Greer, M., Mancini, J., *Ferarro, A., & *Ross, D. B. (2016). Family relational health, psychological resources, and health behaviors: A dyadic study of military couples. Military Medicine, 181, 152-160. doi: 10.7205/MILMED-D-14-00740

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*Reed, K., *Duncan, J., Lucier-Greer, M., +Fixelle, C., & *Ferraro, A. J. (2016). Helicopter parenting and emerging adult self-efficacy: Implications for mental and physical health. Journal of Child and Family Studies, 25, 3136-3149. doi: 10.1007/s10826-016-0466-x