Matthew Siufanua headshot
Matthew Siufanua
M.S. Student, MFT


B.S. Psychology, Brigham Young University
B.A. Spanish Studies (Secondary Major), Brigham Young University

Research interests
• Trauma
• Childhood Development
• Latino Populations

Coyne, S. M., Shawcroft, J., Linder, J. Ruh, Graver, H., Siufanua, M., & Holmgren H. G. (in press). Making men of steel: Superhero exposure and the development of hegemonic masculinity in children. Sex Roles.

Graver, H., Johnson, A., Coyne, S., Shawcroft, J., Ruh Linder, R., Siufanua, M., Holmgren, H. (2022). The impact of superheroes on hegemonic masculinity and the development of the muscular ideal from early to late childhood. Poster was presented orally at the International Association Communication Conference.

Tsoi, C., Andreason, C., Siufanua, M., Leonard, K., Marshall, J., & Smith, T. (2020). Overview of human trafficking and Native Americans: A call to action. Poster was presented orally through Zoom at the American Indian Psychologists (SIP) and Psychology Graduate Student Conference during the 33rd Annual Convention.

Tsoi, C., Andreason, C., Siufanua, M., Searle, A., Marshall, J., Leonard, K., & Smith, T. (2020). Responding to exploitation and trafficking: Implications for the mental health treatment of survivors. Poster was presented digitally in APA 2020 Virtual.

Fun Facts
Hobbies/hidden talents?
I love running half-marathons, cooking, and spending time with my family. I also enjoy long car rides listening to music.

“I love aquariums, and I currently have two different fish tanks.

If you could study any random thing other than HDFS/MFT, what would it be?
I would go to culinary school, and cook like crazy.

"What advice would you offer to someone thinking about graduate school?"
When you come to graduate school, learn how to network. It is absolutely necessary and expected that you rely on your cohort and the other professors for help. Graduate school can be a lot, and being successful means learning to utilize those connections to help make informed decisions about your career and schooling.