Lindsey Robinsonheadshot
Lindsey Robinson
M.S. Student, MFT


B.S. Dietetics, Brigham Young University, 2019

Research interests
• Nexus of intimate relationships and health behaviors
• Behavior change interventions in family therapy

Research projects
Relationships and Health Lab coordinator and Research Assistant for Josh Novak, Ph.D.

Fun Facts
Hobbies/hidden talents?
I can say the ABC’s backwards in approximately 4 seconds

Hero/someone you look up to?
Mr. Rogers, for his gentleness, grit, and goodness.

What advice would you offer to someone thinking about graduate school?
Hopping around majors in undergrad can be a really good learning experience, but only pursue a grad degree in something that feels like a natural fit for your life. If it’s an area you feel led to, taps into your strengths, and really energizes you, then chances are the process of applying to and earning your graduate degree will be immensely rewarding. Otherwise, it could potentially be a life-draining and wasteful use of time and money!