Darcy J. Corbitt-Hall headshot
Darcy J. Corbitt-Hall
Masters Student, HDFS


BA Psychology and English, Auburn University, 2015
Clinical Psychological Science, North Dakota State University, Coursework Completed
Research interests
• Populations: Children-emerging adulthood, sexual and gender minorities
• Peer Relationships
• Peer Support
• Peer Victimization
• Depression, anxiety, and suicide
Corbitt-Hall, D. J., Gauthier, J. M., & Troop-Gordon, W. (2018). Suicidality Disclosed Online: Using a Simulated Facebook Task to Identify Predictors of Support Giving to Friends at Risk of Self-harm. Suicide and Life-Threatening Behavior. Advance online publication.

Corbitt-Hall, D. J., Gauthier, J. M., Troop-Gordon, W., & Witte, T. K. (2017, March). Friends helping friends: Factors predicting peer responses to suicidal content on Facebook. Poster presented at biennial Peer’s Preconference at the biennial meeting of the Society for Research in Child Development, Austin, Texas.

Corbitt-Hall, D. J., Gauthier, J.M., Davis, M.T., & Witte, T.K. (2016). College students’ responses to suicidal content on social networking sites: An examination using a simulated Facebook newsfeed. Suicide and Life-Threatening Behavior, 46(5), 609-624. http://doi.org/10.1111/sltb.12241

Corbitt-Hall, D. J., Gauthier, J. M., Davis, M. T., & Witte, T. K. (2015, April). An investigation of college students' interpretations of and responses to suicidal content in Facebook status updates. Poster presented at annual meeting of the American Association of Suicidology, Atlanta, Georgia.

Courses taught
Developmental Psychology (NDSU)
Guest lectures on human sexuality and gender identity (Auburn)
Research projects
Student Perceptions of Teacher Responses to Bullying (2018 – Present): Longitudinal examination of how students’ perceptions of how their teacher responds to bullying is associated with internalizing and externalizing distress/problems. Collaboration with Wendy Troop-Gordon, PhD, and Alexander Kaeppler, MS.

Friendship Hero Project (2017 – Present): Longitudinal evaluation of a theory-driven Federally funded anti-bullying intervention in elementary schools. Will utilize data for a thesis testing a novel model examining the interactive and facilitating roles of empathy, self-efficacy for defending, and moral disengagement for aggression on a child’s decision to engage in defending behaviors. Collaboration with Wendy Troop-Gordon, PhD and Robert Dvorak, PhD, ABPP.

Undergraduate Facebook Reactions (2016 – 2017): Cross-sectional in vivo examination of the personal factors associated with providing peer support online in response to suicidality disclosed on social media by a peer. Supervised research project. Wendy Troop-Gordon, PhD, Kathryn H. Gordon, PhD, co-supervisors.

Undergraduate Facebook Use II (2015 – 2016): Cross-sectional In vivo examination of the types of responses undergraduates make to suicidality disclosed online. Supervised research project. Wendy Troop-Gordon, PhD, supervisor.

Undergraduate Facebook Use I (2014 – 2015): Novel cross-sectional self-report examination of undergraduate awareness and response to suicidality disclosed online. Supervised undergraduate research project. Tracy K. Witte, PhD, supervisor.

2018       CHS Research Symposium, 1st Place, MS Poster (Auburn University)
2017       NSF Graduate Research Fellowship Honorable Mention
2016       Research Festival 1st Prize for Graduate Presentation (NDSU)
2016       NDSU Tapestry of Diversity
2015       Georgia Vallery Psychology Award (Auburn University)
2014-2015   Undergraduate Research Fellowship Auburn University)
2014       3rd Place for Oral Presentation (Auburn University Research Week)
2014       Women’s Studies Achievement Award (Auburn University)
2014       Undergraduate Teaching Award (SE-ASECS)
2014       Stephen Light Youth Activist Award (Equality Alabama)
2013       Faulk English Award (Auburn University)
2013       Undergraduate Teaching Grant (SE-ASECS)
Fun Facts
Any lessons learned? We are given the blessing of life and the power to control our narrative. We should make the most of that blessing and take every opportunity to demand that our dignity and worth be affirmed by our community.

Hero/someone you look up to? Dietrich Bonhoeffer, a German Lutheran Pastor who spoke out against the atrocities of the Nazis and faced a firing squad at Flossenbürg Concentration Camp rather than recant. Hannah Arendt, a Jewish German woman who was briefly interned during the Holocaust, escaped to New York City, and was later influential, in spite of harsh criticism surrounding her theory of the banality of evil, in explaining why ordinary, normally moral people are willingly complicit in atrocities.

High School superlative? Most unforgettable