Zeynep Su Altinoz headshot
Brianna Crumly
Ph.D. Student, HDFS


B.A. Psychology, Auburn University

Research interests
• Externalizing disorders
• Personality-Environment Interplay
• Treatment adherence and outcomes
• Parent-child and teacher-child relationships

Crumly, B., Thomas, J., McWood, L. M., & Troop-Gordon, W. (2020). Does social withdrawal inhibit defending bullied peers and do perceived injunctive norms mitigate those effects? [Manuscript submitted for publication]. Human Development and Family Sciences, Auburn University.

Fun Facts
Favorite books/movies?
The Proposal – really anything with Sandra Bullock

Favorite quotes/sayings?
“Your first thought is what society conditioned you to think, your second thought and first action are who you are.”

If you could study any random thing other than HDFS/MFT, what would it be?
Linguistics, the way language has adapted and evolved across cultures is extremely interesting to me.

What advice would you offer to someone thinking about graduate school?
Grow your network of professors/mentors/current grad students (they really are happy to help you), expect the unexpected, and trust yourself and the process.