Jatunn Gibson, Ph.D.

Jatunn Gibson, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor & Extension Specialist
Ph.D., Walden University, 2012
(334) 844-3610 | 278A Spidle / 219 Duncan

Research Projects and Ongoing Programming:

Auburn University Sustainable Community Project (AU-SCP)
Auburn University Sustainable Community Project is an ongoing collection of data form students and parents that will measure an expected change in the knowledge and behavior of the students who have either participated in the Strengthening Families Program: Parents and Youth 10-14 and/or the in-school program. The expected outcome is to improve youth life skills, enhanced parenting skills, increased family cohesion, reduced exposure to substance, reduced gateway and illicit substance initiation, long-term reductions in substance use and reduced youth behavior problems. Funded by the NIFA-CYFAR.

Medicare Improvements for Patients and Providers Act (MIPPA Project)
The Extension Agents are asked to reach audiences that are underserved to bring an awareness to the many services available in Alabama for senior citizens and family members. What are some of the health challenges that could be addressed if they were aware of the services and benefits provided by local agencies? Why are services not being utilized?

Alabama Home Caregiver
The Alabama Home Caregiver program is for adults who provide care for family members and other with serious illness and/or disabilities. This program focuses on improving the caregiver’s ability to provide care for the care recipient and for themselves. This is a twelve hour program that addresses: aging, communication- with seniors, body mechanics, personal care, nutrition, prevention of senior fraud, keeping records, finances, disaster planning tips, time and stress management, and home maintenance. Educating caregivers to provide care reduces return visits to the emergency room, readmissions, medications errors, physical injury, nursing home admissions, and decreases recovery time.

Grandparents as Parents (GAP Project)
While working with seniors, I have become interested in the family dynamics of both the grandparent(s) and the grandchild. I am currently engaging local agencies to improve the use of school lunch program utilization. The use of these programs in rural areas are minimal. It is an interest to seek grandparents and their understanding of all school programs available to the children that they are now providing care. This is a new project and will be an ongoing project as I have realized the number of grandparents that are raising their grandchildren. What are the relationships with grandparents and teachers, school involvement, program and service awareness, and the overall health of the grandparent and grandchild in this new role?