Stephen A. Erath, Ph.D.

Stephen A. Erath, Ph.D.

Associate Professor
Ph.D., Pennsylvania State University, 2006
(334) 844-3236 | 203 Spidle Hall

Dissertations Directed as Major Professor:

Kelly Tu (2013) Person by environment in the peer domain: Parenting strategies and preadolescent physiological responses in the context of peer stress

Kim Gregson (2015)
Distinguishing behavioral and cognitive dimensions of parental social coaching: A focused examination of parents’ social and psychological influences during early adolescence

Alex Chan (2016)
Understanding and promoting rural adolescents’ psychosocial development in the context of a unique social milieu

Theses Directed as Major Professor:

Kelly Tu (2009)
Peer victimization and school adjustment in early adolescence: Friends’ social adjustment as a moderator

Abby Jones (2012)
Associations among anxiety, disengaged coping, and physiological arousal in early adolescents

Nate Smith (2012)
Predicting early adolescents’ adjustment: Interactions between friends’ behaviors and friends’ demographic characteristics

Clay Spencer (2015)
Linking peer victimization with sleep in early adolescence

Alex Kaeppler (2016)
Linking social anxiety and autonomic responses to social stress in preadolescence

Leanna McConnell (2017)
Peer victimization and adjustment: The moderating role of personal orientations