Mona El-Sheikh, Ph.D.

Mona El-Sheikh, Ph.D.

Leonard Peterson & Co., Inc. Professor
Ph.D., West Virginia University, 1989
(334) 844-3294 | 260 Spidle Hall

Dissertations Directed as Major Professor:

Ryan Kelly
Dissertation: (in progress) Marital conflict and children's sleep disruptions: Longitudinal and reciprocal relations

Lori Staton
Dissertation: Sleep and cognitive functioning: The moderating role of vagal indices

Stephanie Whitson
Dissertation: Family conflict and child adjustment and health: Temporal relations and intervening variables

Linda Nicolotti
Dissertation: Coping responses as moderators of the effects of marital conflict on children's health and adjustment

Victoria Kennedy
Dissertation: Effects of marital conflict on children's adjustment: The role of emotional regulation

JoAnn Harger
Dissertation: Children's physiological regulation and cognitive appraisals as moderators of the relationship between exposure to parental conflict and children's psychosocial functioning and physical health

Stephanie Reiter
Dissertation: Maternal responses to arguments as mediators between marital conflict and children's responses to disputes

Theses Directed as Major Professor:

Audrey Minor
Thesis: Parent-child conflict and children's sleep disruptions

Pei-Ju Lao
Thesis (Co-Chair): Marital conflict and depression in couples

Karen Martin
Thesis: Family functioning and sleep disruptions in children

Lori Staton
Thesis: Children's alcohol expectancies: Effects of age, gender, parental problem drinking, and beverage type

Stephanie Whitson
Thesis: Emotional regulation as a buffer of the effects of family conflict on child adjustment and health

Linda Nicolotti
Thesis: Children's responses to interadult arguments: The role of experimentally manipulated histories of exposure to covert, verbal, and physical conflict

JoAnn Harger
Thesis: Children's responding to background arguments as a function of conflict participants

Rebecca Blakeman
Thesis: Children's behavioral and physiological responding to angry interactions: The role of parental alcoholism and marital conflict

Stephanie Reiter
Thesis: Children's responding to interadult arguments: The roles of resolution of conflict and form of anger expression

Jaime Cheskes
Thesis: Background anger: A comparison of children's responses to interadult and adult-child anger

Undergraduate Honors Theses & Other Significant Undergraduate Studies Directed:

Bobbie Ann Burton
Honors Thesis: The effects of interparental conflict on children

Stephanie Whitson
Major Area Paper: Marital conflict and health: Processes and protective factors