Ways to Give

The Dean's Signature Society generates a much needed source of unrestricted funds which are used to provide enhanced educational opportunities for students, upgrades in computer equipment and laboratory facilities, and supplemental funding for scholarships and professional opportunities. Dean's Signature Society membership requires a minimum pledge of $1,000 annually for three consecutive years. It makes you a genuine investor in the College and part of an enthusiastic group of supporters committed to excellence in Human Sciences.

The Fund for Global Understanding supports international programming in the College of Human Sciences. It was founded as a way to prepare our graduates to assume leadership positions in the global marketplace and to advance U.S. competitiveness around the world. This educational effort funds a variety of programs that integrate global awareness with technical competence. International activities underwritten by the Fund include:

  • Undergraduate Study Abroad:   Pays travel stipend for undergraduate Human Sciences students completing the International Minor
  • Graduate Fellows Overseas:   Supports expenses for graduate students to pursue an international study experience.
  • International Faculty Development Grants:   Provides faculty support for short-term stays to conduct research, teach classes, and develop academic relationships with colleagues in other countries.
  • Global Scholars in Residence:   Assists faculty scholars from around the world who are invited to the Auburn campus to teach and/or conduct research.
  • Foreign Exchange Programs:   Supports student and faculty exchange opportunities in Europe, Africa, Asia, Australia, and the Americas.
  • Sponsorship of individual students to attend the International Quality of Life Awards held annually at the United Nations in New York City January. A gift as small as $400 helps make it possible for a CHS student to attend this outstanding event.

Endowments: An investment in the future through the gift that keeps on giving

An endowment in the College of Human Sciences is a long-term investment that provides benefits to students, faculty, or programs year after year. Endowed funds may be created with a minimum gift of $25,000 payable over 5 years, or through a future gift (a bequest) from your estate. These funds may be unrestricted or "tailored" so that your gift is truly a reflection of your desires and wishes as a College of Human Sciences benefactor. Considered one of the sources of funding with the most impact, endowments enable the College to support excellent students, faculty, and programs by providing a steady and permanent source of funding.

  • Named Partial Tuition Scholarships ($25,000 minimum):   These endowments initially provide funding for partial tuition scholarships for undergraduate students. These endowments may be targeted based on such factors as academic discipline and financial need.
  • Named Fund for Excellence ($25,000 minimum):   Funds for excellence provide much needed support for academic enrichment in areas where support may not be readily available such as: technology upgrades, teaching and laboratory materials, travel funds for students and faculty to present work at conferences.
  • Named Endowed Tuition Scholarships ($25,000 minimum):   These endowments are designed to provide an amount approximately equal to instate tuition for one year at established university rates.
  • Named Endowed Presidential Scholarships ($150,000 minimum) / Four-year continuing scholarship ($600,000):   The intent of this scholarship is to attract best and brightest students to our programs by offering a scholarship which approximates in-state tuition, to include room and board at established university levels.
  • Named Endowed Graduate Assistantships ($150,000 minimum) / Three-year continuing assistantship ($450,000 minimum):   Named assistantships enable the College to reward students for merit and allow the department to pay for graduate student assistance in teaching, research, or extension.
  • Named Endowed Graduate Fellowships ($200,000 minimum) / Three-year continuint fellowship ($600,000 minimum):   Graduate fellowships allow the College to attract outstanding graduate students who form the foundation of continued research efforts. A fellowship is a graduate level scholarship and is given for academic merit.
  • Named Endowed Professorship ($300,000 minimum):   Named endowed professorships assist departments by providing additional resources necessary to provide salary supplements to existing faculty positions for the purpose of faculty retention and maintaining salaries at competitive national levels.
  • Named Endowed Eminent Scholar Chair ($2,000,000 minimum):   An endowed eminent scholar chair epitomizes the commitment to academic excellence for the chair holder and the donor. Such naming opportunities perpetuate recognition of donor support for a particular area of study and provide a substantial salary supplement to the base salary of the appointed faculty member which aids in the retention of our best and brightest scholars in the field.
  • Named Endowed Presidential Chair ($5,000,000 minimum):   The highest honor for a faculty member is to hold an endowed presidential chair. Appointment to this chair recognizes the height of distinction for a scholar and researcher. The gift of a named chair at this level perpetuates recognition for the highest achievement and academic pursuit.
  • Named Endowed Centers and Institutes:   Gift produces 50% of annual operating budget

Annual Giving

Annual giving provides the opportunity for our alumni and friends to provide much needed support to the college that is immediately available for use. These funds bridge the gap between the amount we receive from student tuition and state funding, and the actual cost of maintaining the continued excellence and development of our programs.

  • Annual Fund:   No matter the size all gifts count. Gifts may be unrestricted or targeted to particular departments or program support. Unrestricted gifts provide the Dean with the latitude to employ gift dollars where they are needed most.
  • Named Annual Scholarships/Funds/Awards:   Donors may choose to provide a pledge for support and establish an agreement for annual giving in support of programs or student scholarships. The minimum gift is $1000 per year for scholarships, and $500 for awards. Gifts may be unrestricted to be awarded at the discretion of the College of Human Sciences Scholarship Committee, or restricted for award to a particular department of program. As the donor you will have the opportunity to know the recipient(s) and experience first-hand the impact of your gift. Donors may choose to provide annual support through an award or annual fund for excellence for such things as materials, research, student/faculty conference attendance, lectureship, travel, facilities maintenance, or technology enhancement. Donors may choose to establish an annual student or faculty award in recognition of academic excellence, research or out reach outreach efforts.

Women's Philanthropy Board

The Auburn University College of Human Sciences Women's Philanthropy Board (WPB) was organized in Spring 2002. Historically, women have always been philanthropic in giving of their time and talents. Today, women are building on this traditional humanitarian role with a newly discovered capacity for independent financial giving as they acquire wealth, assume positions of leadership and combine their legacy of service to others. For a small pledge of $5,000 ($1,000 pledged annually for 5 years) you will secure your membership in this dynamic group.

Contact the CHS Development Officer Kim McCurdy via email kcm0021@auburn.edu or phone at 334.844.9173.

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