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Health Equity Course Redesign Award

The Center for Health Ecology and Equity Research (CHEER) aims to promote scholarship on health disparities through various curricular initiatives. Towards this objective, the Health Equity Course Redesign Award was created to facilitate revisions to existing courses to integrate foundational knowledge on the magnitude of health inequities at the local, regional, and national levels; the causes and consequences of health inequities; as well as interventions and policies that address health inequities. A primary goal of this award is to introduce health disparities content to students at Auburn University across diverse academic disciplines.

For 2017-2018, eight proposals were awarded, which span eight different departments across four schools and colleges; reaching potentially over 400 undergraduate and graduate students in the first year alone based on anticipated enrollment. This award promises to be impactful in broadening the scope of knowledge of the students at Auburn University.

The 2017-2018 CHEER Health Equity Course Redesign awardees are:

Tannista Banerjee, Department of Economics
Dana Carroll, Department of Pharmacy Practice
Jill Crystal, Department of Political Science
Kimberly Garza, Department of Health Outcomes Research and Policy
Evelyn Hunter, Department of Special Education, Rehabilitation, Counseling
Stephanie Ostrowski and James Wright, Department of Pathobiology
Tal Peretz, Department of Sociology, Anthropology and Social Work
Kamden Strunk, Department of Educational Foundations, Leadership, and Technology