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Bachelor of Science in Interior Design (BS-INDS)

The CHS Interior Design program, ranked among the Top Five in the Nation by DesignIntelligence for 2013, impacts the health, safety, and well-being of consumers through the design of environments that promote productivity, efficiency, and aesthetic harmony. Accredited by the Council for Interior Design Accreditation (CIDA), the CHS Interior Design program curriculum incorporates strong technical skills, service learning, peer mentoring, and is supported by an active advisory board in collaboration with industry and professional organizations to create a well-rounded pre-professional designer.

Students are required to complete a professional internship and have the opportunity to sit for the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design, Green Associate (LEED, GA) examination prior to graduation. CHS Interior Design graduates are prepared to sit for the National Certification for Interior Design Qualification Examination upon completion of 3,500 post-graduate hours under a Registered Interior Designer or Licensed Architect.

The INDS Curriculum

The university liberal education core curriculum provides students in the INDS major with the broadly based educational foundation important to solid design training. Students gain an appreciation and understanding of the history and development of the arts, knowledge important for application in many areas of interior design. This knowledge is a base for further coursework in art history, survey of decorative arts, furnishings for interiors, textiles and other INDS course requirements.

The College of Human Sciences core curriculum helps students to develop an understanding of individuals and families as consumers, giving students a unique perspective on design from the "users" needs and preferences. This functional perspective is important to the development and implementation of designs for both residential and non-residential spaces. Additionally, the curriculum includes a strong business focus, including accounting, economics, and marketing. Business competency is enhanced through the student's individualized choices of professional electives in business and consumer studies. Practical applications of the general business principles gained through these courses are applied in courses such as "Business Practices in Interior Design" and are integrated into upper level courses such as "Residential Interiors" and Non-Residential Interiors".

Drafting and design presentation skills are developed and polished in studio classes. "Technical Design", "Visual Presentations", "Computer-Aided-Design" and "Portfolio Development" along with the "Directed Research" and "Design Thesis" courses, give students experience with drafting, layout, and presentation board development, skills which are critical to success in a career focusing on interior design. Graduates leave Auburn with an impressive portfolio of work, an effective demonstration of their talent and experience.

All majors complete a ten week professional internship which allows them to gain experience in an area of interior design congruent with their individual career aspirations and geographical area of preference. Many students receive permanent employment opportunities as a result of the internship experiences.

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Career Preparation

Graduates of the INDS program are prepared to enter many different design-related careers. Some graduates choose positions with interior design firms, others work as members of architectural design teams, and others serve as consultants or free-lance designers. Among the career options graduates may choose to pursue are:

  • Residential

  • Healthcare

  • Hospitality: Hotel, Restaurant, Theatre, Spa, Cruise Ship

  • Commercial: Corporate, Retail, Conference Center, Airline, Education

  • Specializations: Lighting Design, Sustainability, Product Development, Color Theorist/Aesthetics